Blazn Burner Electric Hookah Coal Burner

Blazn Burner Electric Hookah Charcoal Heater

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Blazn Burner Hookah Coal Heater

The Blazn Burner is a unique and technically advanced product that allows you to heat hookah charcoal 30-40% faster than traditional electric coil heaters, and 60% more efficiently. Please watch the video below which perfectly explains the science behind this brilliant device.

Blazn Burner Features:
  • Heats Coals to 400 degrees (C) in seconds
  • Included bulbs will last 100 hours; fully replaceable
  • Includes detachable charcoal carrier
  • Easy to clean

Blazn Burner Replacement Basket

This is a replacement basket for the Electric Blazn Burner Hookah Charcoal Heater. The basket is used to hold your coals while being heated. Simply place the basket on top of the heating element of the Blazn Burner and add your coals. Eventually the basket may need to be replaced, but never fear! We've got you covered.

Blazn Burner Replacement Bulbs - 2-Pack

This is a 2-pack of replacement bulbs for the Electric Blazn Burner Hookah Charcoal Heater. These bulbs emit infrared heat to quickly and efficiently light your natural hookah coals. Eventually these bulbs burn out and need to be replaced; when that happens, we've got you covered with this 2-pack of extra bulbs.

Blazn Burner Replacement Reflector Tray - 2-Pack

This is a 2-pack of replacement reflector trays for the Electric Blazn Burner Hookah Charcoal Heater. The reflector tray goes underneath the heating bulbs and ensures proper heat management, helping the coals heat up quicker. The tray also catches stray ash from your heating coals, keeping the Blazn Burner clean.
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