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Haze Coconut Hookah Charcoal Description

Haze Tobacco is known for incredible shisha tobacco flavors, but they also offer some incredible natural hookah charcoal with their Coconut Charcoal. These coals are clean cut natural coconut flats that come 108 pieces to a box. Haze coals are designed to burn at a higher heat than most other natural coconut coals. These coals are perfect when paired with Haze tobacco, which is a brand that smokes better with more heat than your average shisha tobacco requires. Haze coals are also great for "cloud chasers," as the extra heat will allow smokers to create larger smoke clouds.

These coals are naturally made using coconuts, and no trees are harmed in their production. The coals measure roughly 1" x 1" x 1", and are mostly consistent in shape and size with every box.

Using Haze Coconut Hookah Charcoals

Haze Coconut Charcoal should only be lit using a single coil hookah coal burner and never lit with an open flame or torch. When using the average three coals per hookah session, each 108 count box should provide roughly 36 smoke sessions. Depending on the shisha and packing method you or your customers use, one less coal can be used. The coals take between 7-10 minutes to become fully lit; make certain your coals are fully lit before placing the coals on the bowl.

Fully Lit means there should be no black areas left on the coal; the entire coal should be covered in a light layer of ash, or glowing red.

We recommend storing your Haze Coconut Charcoal in a dry area, taking in any moisture will alter and lessen the heat output of the coals.
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