Ignite Hookah Coals - All Sizes and Cases

Ignite Hookah Coals - All Sizes and Cases

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Ignite coals are the cleanest and most convenient hookah charcoals. Ignite Hookah Charcoals are made in Holland under tight regulation and strict quality control. Your customers will immediately taste the difference when compared to other products. Ignite Hookah Coals are virtually odorless and tasteless. Your flavors will last longer and taste better with Ignite coals over any other quick lighting coal out there!

33mm Ignite coals are ideal for most hookahs.  We recommend using 1-2 pieces at a time, depending on your personal preference for flavor, thickness and smoke quality.  Each 33mm Ignite coal tablet will last roughly 30 minutes. 

Tip:  Experiment with both sides of the coal.  One side lays flat and has a concave depression.  This is the hotter side of the coal.  The other side has a rounded face, which allows the coal to breath more and is slightly cooler.

Ignite offers hookah charcoals in 33mm and 40mm diameter sizes. The 40mm coals, as shown above, offer 66% more coal than the 33mm coal tablets. Ignite 40mm coals are perfect for hookahs with a larger bowl and will last up to 45 minutes before needing another piece.  

Tip:  Try cracking to 40mm coals down the middle before lighting them.  You can use the halves separately to evenly distribute the heat over your shisha.

Ignite Self Lighting Hookah Coals are the best quick lighting coals on the market.  They are made in Holland using the finest ingredients.  The coals are compressed and fused with a special accelerant for quick lighting time, but more importantly, virtually no smell or flavor interference when they are fully lit.  Compare that to other quick lights that pop, explode and stink up the whole room when lit. 

Ignites are the best wholesale hookah coals for hookah bars, retail store, and tobacco shops who want to sell and use high quality coal so their customers can enjoy the best hookah flavors.

These coals require shipping by Hazardous Material freight if you order over 66lbs but it's really not a big deal and we set it up all the time. 

Approximate Weights:
Case of 33mm (18 boxes) 35 lbs
Case of 40mm (18 boxes) 40 lbs

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