1. Hookah smoking with expired stamp

    "My Shisha Tobacco Expires Soon, What Should I Do?" 3 Ways to Move It Out Fast!

    Every hookah retailer has come across hookah tobacco in their inventory that is expired. It happens to everyone and should be considered part of the business. However, no one wants to lose money and there are ways to prevent losses on expired hookah tobacco. Here's a few strategies to avoid tossing your profits in the trash.

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  2. Most Common Hookah Problems and Quick Fixes

    If you have been in the hookah business for any length of time, you have probably experience a few i
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  3. Aloha Mango Fumari Shisha Tobacco Review

    Aloha Mango Fumari Shisha Tobacco Review

    Fumari's new release is a mango blend with a heavy splash of tropical sweetness. Aloha Mango is a delicious mix that will take the place of the popular, yet discontinued flavor know as "Tropical Mango." Aloha Mango is sweet with a tart mango foundation, but there is a mysterious tropical flavor overlay that I just couldn't put my finger on. Was it a dash of coconut or papaya....
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  4. Various bags of Tangiers shisha tobacco with Tangiers logo

    The Top 20 Best Selling Tangiers Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    Tangiers Tobacco has the most devoted, fanatical following and their shisha tobacco is known world-wide for the unique flavor options and strong, high-nicotine shisha tobacco. Tangiers is available in four lines: Noir, Birquq, Burley and F-Line...Let's take a look at the top 20 most popular Tangiers Noir flavors.

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