1. Al Fakher Trinity flavors at Hookah Wholesalers

    Three New Al Fakher Flavors! The TRINITY!

    Just in time for the holidays, three new must-have flavors from Al Fakher's shisha masters!

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  2. Globe on pile of cardboard boxes

    International Shipping & Tobacco Taxes

    Do you need to pay U.S. taxes if you're an international customer? We broke down this commonly asked question for you.

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  3. Fumari Fakh N' Mint shisha tobacco pouch and logo

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint Shisha Flavor Review

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint brings back one of the most unique and underrated flavors in the hookah-verse. So, what is Fakh N' Mint? Great question! Load a bowl while we dive deep into this beautiful bouquet...

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