1. Hookah accessories and coins falling into waiting pair of hands

    The Inexpensive Hookah Accessories You Should Know & Have

    These hookah accessories are not only affordable, they’re easy sells for a retail space and can elevate your lounge workflow.

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  2. Display pedestals with various hookah products

    The Best Hookah Products to Have in 2024

    Take a look at what products were the top sellers of last year, and make sure you have them now.

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  3. Al Fakher logo with States of Taste title and three 250g jars of Al Fakher flavors

    New Al Fakher States of Taste Flavors are Here

    Get the new flavors from Al Fakher at Hookah Wholesalers

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  4. Ticking clocks and hour glasses with expiration dates

    Does Shisha Expire?

    Learn more about those dates on your shisha boxes and the best practices on shisha tobacco storage to always have the best possible flavor. 

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  5. Chalkboard "How to Sign Up"

    Sign Up for an Account with Hookah Wholesalers

    Just getting started? Here's what you need to sign up for an account at Hookah Wholesalers!

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  6. AO 912 HMD on pedestal emerging from water with star background

    The Ultimate Guide to Heat Management Devices (HMDs)

    Over the years there has been a flood of Heat Management Devices on the market. Why do you need an HMD? What do they do? and which one is right for you? Let's figure this out together!

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