1. Nine white icon buttons with four Starbuzz combinations shown with the remainder in shadow

    9 Starbuzz Shisha Mixes; Custom Blends To Spice Up Your Lounge

    Starbuzz is well known for its pre-made shisha mixes, but using them alongside single-note flavors can broaden your shisha menu!

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  2. Khalil Mamoon hookah silhouettes against hookah lounge background with KM logo

    The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs for a Hookah Lounge

    As one of the longest-standing hookah brands in the market, for a reason, Khalil Mamoon has plenty of great hookah models for your lounge. Here is a list to get your inventory started.

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  3. Ticking clocks and hour glasses with expiration dates

    Does Shisha Expire?

    Learn more about those dates on your shisha boxes and the best practices on shisha tobacco storage to always have the best possible flavor. 

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  4. Mint leaves against mint leaves background with "Best Mints" title

    What Is The Best Mint Shisha?

    What is the best mint flavored shisha? That's a great question with about a dozen different answers depending on who you ask. We did the research for you. 

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  5. Question mark next to text that reads "Hookah Wholesalers Return Policy"

    Hookah Wholesalers Return Policy

    We are here for you. If you have issues with your order follow this guideline, and we'll make things right. 

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  6. Hookah silhouettes next to coffee cup against coffee bean background

    The 8 Best Coffee Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    If you're looking to add coffee flavored shisha options to your lounge or shop, check out the best coffee hookah flavors here!

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  7. Hookah hose silhouettes against smoke background

    5 Hookah Hoses for Every Hookah Lounge

    If you have a hookah lounge then you should definitely check out these hookah hoses!

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  8. Coconut pieces on a green background

    Wanna Go Nuts? Three Coconut Shisha Mixes for Your Hookah Bar

    Got any coconut mixes ready for National Coconut week? We have some for you if you don't.

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  9. Wholesale Hookah Importers vs. Buying International Hookahs Directly

    Wholesale Hookah Importers vs. Buying International Hookahs Directly

    Well, here's a topic that a lot of hookah business owners and operators have considered. Should I try to find a direct source for hookahs overseas, or stick with a domestic wholesale hookah importer and distributor? We will look at the pro's and con's of each...
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  10. Hookah Maintenance and Cleaning Tips For Hookah Lounge Owners

    Hookah Maintenance and Cleaning Tips For Hookah Lounge Owners

    There are many aspects to ensure that you are running an effective, successful business. These are just a few best practices reminders to help you stay ahead of the curve!
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