1. German brands Smokezilla, INVI, and Sheeshaya logos with German flag

    German Hookahs are Available Now!

    Take a look at the lineup of German hookahs from Smokezilla & INVI

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  2. Strawberry Jam Fumari Shisha Flavor Review

    Strawberry Jam Fumari Shisha Flavor Review

    Take a quick look at this new flavor from Fumari! We smoke a bowl of this hot new release and give you a straight up review of our experience and put it all on film for your enjoyment.
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  3. Best Retail or Lounge Hookahs From $35-$75

    Best Retail or Lounge Hookahs From $35-$75

    This knowledge will help you choose the hookahs with the best bang for your buck, and give you the best selling points to highlight the features that will sell your customers on these fine hookah pipes.
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  4. 10 New Nammor Hookahs that Rise Above the Rest

    The second generation of Nammor Hookahs was released at the end of 2012. Nammor Hookahs have been the highest benchmark of quality for years because of their heavy-duty construction as well as their aesthetically pleasing designs.
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  5. New Hookahs of 2017 - So Many Great Hookahs You Gotta See!

    With so many amazing new hookahs in 2017, here is where you should start
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