1. Globe on pile of cardboard boxes

    International Shipping & Tobacco Taxes

    Do you need to pay U.S. taxes if you're an international customer? We broke down this commonly asked question for you.

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  2. Chalkboard "How to Sign Up"

    Sign Up for an Account with Hookah Wholesalers

    Just getting started? Here's what you need to sign up for an account at Hookah Wholesalers!

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  3. This Tax Free Short Cut Might Short Circuit Your Business

    This Tax Free Short Cut Might Short Circuit Your Business

    If you have been in the hookah business long enough, I am sure you have seen this guy, talked to this guy, maybe even bought shisha from this guy. It's understandable. He shows up with ...
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  4. Returning product or reporting something broken to Hookah Wholesalers

    Did something arrive broken? Maybe the item wasn't what you expected? Here's what to do
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  5. General Shipping Information

    Questions regarding shipping? No problem! we'll cover all of our costs and shipping methods in this shipping FAQ, on both an international and domestic level.
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  6. Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes, HookahWholesalers.com does ship to Canada! but there are some things you should know first
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  7. Do You Offer Same-Day Shipping?

    One of the questions we are most frequently asked is if we offer same day shipping? In short, yes we
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  8. Local Pick Up Information

    Local Austin Pick-Up If you do live within the greater Austin area, we're happy to let you know that
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  9. Can I Edit My Order After It's Been Placed?

    You've just finished placing your order and sat down for a relaxing hookah session when you suddenly
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  10. How Do I Place an Order on HookahWholesalers.com?

    There are multiple ways to place orders with Hookah Wholesalers. Let's find the easiest and best way for you and your business
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