1. Khalil Mamoon hookah silhouettes against hookah lounge background with KM logo

    The Best Khalil Mamoon Hookahs for a Hookah Lounge

    As one of the longest-standing hookah brands in the market, for a reason, Khalil Mamoon has plenty of great hookah models for your lounge. Here is a list to get your inventory started.

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  2. Ticking clocks and hour glasses with expiration dates

    Does Shisha Expire?

    Learn more about those dates on your shisha boxes and the best practices on shisha tobacco storage to always have the best possible flavor. 

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  3. Hookahs, shisha and hookah charcoals with coins

    How To Redeem Your Loyalty Reward Points

    Use your Reward Points to stack up savings!

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  4. Globe on pile of cardboard boxes

    International Shipping & Tobacco Taxes

    Do you need to pay U.S. taxes if you're an international customer? We broke down this commonly asked question for you.

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  5. Hookah and hookah accessories with gift box of reward coins

    Rewards Are Here at Hookah Wholesalers!

    Rewards are now here with Hookah Wholesalers! You can now earn credit in several different ways and it’s easier than ever!

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  6. Chalkboard "How to Sign Up"

    Sign Up for an Account with Hookah Wholesalers

    Just getting started? Here's what you need to sign up for an account at Hookah Wholesalers!

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  7. This Tax Free Short Cut Might Short Circuit Your Business

    This Tax Free Short Cut Might Short Circuit Your Business

    If you have been in the hookah business long enough, I am sure you have seen this guy, talked to this guy, maybe even bought shisha from this guy. It's understandable. He shows up with ...
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  8. Returning product or reporting something broken to Hookah Wholesalers

    Did something arrive broken? Maybe the item wasn't what you expected? Here's what to do
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  9. General Shipping Information

    Questions regarding shipping? No problem! we'll cover all of our costs and shipping methods in this shipping FAQ, on both an international and domestic level.
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  10. Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes, HookahWholesalers.com does ship to Canada! but there are some things you should know first
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