1. Hookah silhouettes next to coffee cup against coffee bean background

    The 8 Best Coffee Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    If you're looking to add coffee flavored shisha options to your lounge or shop, check out the best coffee hookah flavors here!

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  2. Betel Leaves with bowl of pan shisha

    Paan or Pan; Why This Shisha Flavor is Always on Top

    There's a reason why this is one of the top selling shisha flavors. Find out what paan is and why it's a favorite flavor to smoke.

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  3. Eclipse Draco Logo Hookah Wholesalers

    Eclipse Draco Review

    Discover what Draco shisha from Eclipse is all about!

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  4. Al Fakher Diamond Dust shisha tobacco

    Al Fakher Diamond Dust Shisha Review

    What is Diamond Dust shisha from Al Fakher all about? We've tried it out so you don't have to make the guess. 

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  5. Silhouettes of shisha containers

    The Best New Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    The list is always growing, but here are the most recently released hookah shisha flavors. 

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  6. Al Fakher Trinity flavors at Hookah Wholesalers

    Three New Al Fakher Flavors! The TRINITY!

    Just in time for the holidays, three new must-have flavors from Al Fakher's shisha masters!

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  7. Fumari Fakh N' Mint shisha tobacco pouch and logo

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint Shisha Flavor Review

    Fumari Fakh N' Mint brings back one of the most unique and underrated flavors in the hookah-verse. So, what is Fakh N' Mint? Great question! Load a bowl while we dive deep into this beautiful bouquet...

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  8. Adalya Love 66 Shisha Tobacco

    Adalya Love 66 Shisha Tobacco

    Wondering what all the hype is about on this flavor? If you don't, then you should!

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  9. Fumari Purple Grape Shisha Tobacco on display

    Fumari Purple Grape Shisha Flavor Review

    Purple Grape Fumari Hookah Tobacco Fumari is back with the same great clouds we know and love, plus
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  10. Fumari Guava Shisha Flavor Review

    Fumari Guava Shisha Flavor Review

    Guava Fumari Hookah Tobacco Fumari Guava is an absolute must in my lineup. Something about Guava can make any blend feel like a tropical cocktail on the beaches of Tahiti.
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