1. Mint leaves against mint leaves background with "Best Mints" title

    What Is The Best Mint Shisha?

    What is the best mint flavored shisha? That's a great question with about a dozen different answers depending on who you ask. We did the research for you. 

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  2. Hookah silhouettes next to coffee cup against coffee bean background

    The 8 Best Coffee Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    If you're looking to add coffee flavored shisha options to your lounge or shop, check out the best coffee hookah flavors here!

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  3. Eternal Smoke shisha tobacco in 1kg, 250g, and 50g sizes against smoke background with logo

    The Top 10 Best Selling Eternal Smoke Shisha Flavors

    Find out which Eternal Smoke's unique shisha flavors you should definitely have on your shelves. 

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  4. Mazaya shisha in different sizes with logo

    The Top 10 Flavors from Mazaya Shisha

    Find out which flavors from Mazaya are the best to have on hand for your business. 

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  5. Silhouettes of shisha containers

    The Best New Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    The list is always growing, but here are the most recently released hookah shisha flavors. 

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  6. The Top 20 Best Selling Azure Shisha Tobacco Flavors - Gold Line

    The Top 20 Best Selling Azure Shisha Tobacco Flavors - Gold Line

    Azure Tobacco has one of the most diverse flavor lists of any shisha out there. This brand of hookah tobacco is surging in popularity, so we list the top selling flavors. The best selling flavor is...

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  7. Pure shisha tobacco in variety of sizes with Pure Tobacco logo

    The Top 15 Best Selling Pure Tobacco Shisha Flavors

    Pure Tobacco is a super smooth shisha with great flavors, and of course their infamous FML line. Check out our top 15 best selling flavors of hookah tobacco from Pure.

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  8. Various bags of Tangiers shisha tobacco with Tangiers logo

    The Top 20 Best Selling Tangiers Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    Tangiers Tobacco has the most devoted, fanatical following and their shisha tobacco is known world-wide for the unique flavor options and strong, high-nicotine shisha tobacco. Tangiers is available in four lines: Noir, Birquq, Burley and F-Line...Let's take a look at the top 20 most popular Tangiers Noir flavors.

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  9. Ugly shisha tobacco in various sizes with Ugly logo against smoke background

    Top 15 Best Shisha Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco

    This unique line of small batch shisha has flavors you can't find anywhere else. Check out the best from Ugly Tobacco!

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  10. Nakhla shisha tobacco in various sizes with Nakhla logo

    The Top 10 Best Selling Nakhla Shisha Tobacco Flavors

    As one of the oldest and most traditional shisha tobacco brands in the world, Nakhla definitely has a top ten!

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