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Top 20 Best Selling Flavors of Trifecta Blonde Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Trifecta is a high quality, boutique shisha brand with robust flavors that stand up to long sessions. Trifecta Blonde Leaf has a moderate nicotine level that is a bit higher than other American blonde leaf shisha brands, so you get big clouds, and rich flavor with a satisfying mouth feel and smoke texture. This top 20 countdown can help you try the best of the best....

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Top 20 Best Selling Al Waha Shisha Flavors

Al Waha's new Elite Edition of shisha tobacco flavors is an excellent choice for hookah smokers looking for a traditional hookah tobacco with exotic flavor blends. Al Waha has flavors range from the best selling Pan Rasna to Blueberry Guava to Mango Lemonade. See the full list broken down into the best sellers in each available size....

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