2015's Best Selling Products - New Flavors, New Technology and Classic Hookah Favorites

Are you selling the hottest products of 2015, or are you selling the same flavors you had on your or

Are you selling the hottest products of 2015, or are you selling the same flavors you had on your order sheet since 2011?  Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you only need to re-order the same flavors and coals every week without ever changing.  If you don't keep up with this fast changing industry, your customers will start going to other vendors or shopping online to find new flavors, popular brands and the latest hookah gadgets and gizmos.   Here is a quick rundown on the most popular products we are selling, so make sure you have these items in your store.  If you don't, just image how much business you might have already lost.  

Fumari Shisha

If you have not started selling Fumari by now, you have no excuses!  This brand has risen to the top of the best sellers list.  This hookah tobacco is known for delicious flavors that are rich in flavor without tasting artificial.  The smoke is thick and the bowls smoke great for an hour or more.  We highly recommend Fumari 100g Pouches for retail sales and the Kilos are perfect for hookah bars.  We did a write up on their best selling flavors not long ago.  We have updated that list to make your introduction to Fumari as easy as possible.  Here's a hint:  White Gummi Bear.  We can't smoke enough of it!

Al Fakher Shisha & Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha

Al Fakher tobacco is the world leader in shisha.  Imagine a brand as recognizable as Coca-Cola, and in the Middle East, that is exactly what Al Fakher is.  Made in Dubai, this brand has long focused on the traditional flavors.  This brand is the industry standard and hits the mark as the best brand at the best price.  Sure there are more and less expensive brands on the market, but Al Fakher hits the bulls-eye for overall value.  

Al Fakher Special Edition is the newest line of flavors from Al Fakher that combines the traditional value and quality of Al Fakher with the wilder side of the modern hookah culture.  Expect wild flavor names and exotic blends of flavor that cannot be tied to the traditional single fruit and spice flavors of Al Fakher.  The new flavors are only available in 250 gram tubs, so they work well for retail as well as hookah bars looking to add new flavors to their menu.

Starbuzz Shisha

We don't need to say much more than Starbuzz.  This is the industry leader of modern American shisha.  This brand carries the biggest selection of flavors and is available in a variety of sizes.  Starbuzz Bold is an off shoot with richer flavors and from what we heard a thicker and heartier smoke.  Starbuzz Bold is easily identified in the black cans while traditional Starbuzz comes in silver tins.  Check out our lists of best selling Starbuzz and Starbuzz Bold flavors if you want to find any new flavors to carry in your store.

Coco Nara Coals

This is the hookah charcoal that changed everything.  Years ago the options were quick light coals or traditional wood finger coals.  Coco Nara Coconut Coals revolutionized everything with natural coals compressed into easy to use cubes and squares. Fast forward a few years and Coco Nara is the undeniable name brand of coconut coals.   We sell Coco Nara in boxes of 20, 60, and 120 and also have case and multi-case discounts.   Coco Nara re-branded their cube coals as Coco Mazaya, and are also available with the same great quality, but with more heat and longer lasting cubes.


Nammor Hookah Hoses

Nammor hoses were the first hose to market that branded itself as a large bore, washable hose.  You can find Nammor hose knock-offs everywhere now, but you can only find the quality and satisfaction guarantee at Hookah Wholesalers.  We are extremely proud of this hose that lifted the entire hookah world and brough about a new age where hookah hoses are clean and flavors are pure.  Nammor hoses come in multiple designs such as Chrome, Banded, Wrapped, Diamond XL, Fretted and more.  These hoses pioneered the removable tip for easy cleaning, and its also compatible with the Mystique Ice Hose Tip, for cold smoke!  We also have a new Premium Velvet Nammor Hose with velvet hose covers.  We put our luxurious velvet sleeves over the Nammor hose, and the result is awesome!  For only $1 more, you can add premium hoses covers to your Nammor hoses!


Phunnel Bowls and Vortex Bowls

Upgrading the hookah bowl is the first upgrade every hookah smoker makes.  Egyptian bowls can give you a great smoke, but using a phunnel or vortex bowl will extend the life of your flavor and give you thicker clouds.  The world is split in two camps on this issue, Vortex vs. Phunnel.  There is no right or wrong answer, and each has its strengths.  If you carry a variety of bowl upgrades like the phunnel bowl or vortex bowl, you will see quick turnover on this small, yet highly profitable inventory.

Titanium Hookah coals

The hookah coal industry is almost immovable.  New coals come to market all the time and never get any traction.  This is very different.  Titanium Coconut Coals came out in 2014 and quickly became the Pepsi to Coco Nara's Coca-Cola.  Titanium charcoals have become the choice of a new generation of hookah smokers and are available in flats and cubes.  Don't be the last shop in town with Titanium Coconut Coals, because their brand name recognition is skyrocketing!


Fantasia Shisha

Fantasia hookah tobacco is focused on the party side of the hookah lifestyle. The flavor list is incredibly vast and has everything from Wild Mango (The best mango on the market) to Adios Mofo to Pink Lemonade to Incredible Hulk.  The tobacco is super juicy and provides a sweet flavor that explodes on your taste buds.  The packaging is sleek and stylish with fun graphics, holograms and provacative images at times.  Fantasia offers 50g, 100g, 200g and Kilograms to create price points that work for all hookah businesses.  You can see our best sellers list here if you want to pick up the best of the best.


Kaloud Samsaris Bowl

The Samsaris bowl is another hot product from Kaloud Hookah.  After the blockbuster release of the Kaloud Lotus, the mad scientists at Kaloud created the perfect bowl to fit their highly coveted lotus.  The Samsaris Bowl was born with some all new bowl technology.  The bowl itself has curved channels to help direct the flow of hot air through the tobacco.  This produces a better flavor for longer sessions by cooking all the shisha in the bowl.  The Samsaris is made of laboratory grade silikon as well, which negates the need for a bowl grommet and its totally unbreakable. No more broken bowls!  The air-flow is channeled using "phunnel" design, one large hole in the center of the bowl.  This makes the Samsaris an excellent choice for hookah lounges.  This bowls comes in high end packaging, giving it amazing eye appeal and raises its value for retail consumers.  


Hookah Diffusers

Diffusers are the small attachement at the bottom of the stem that will add extra filtration and cooling to your smoke.  We have 2 diffusers that are extremely popular for retailers and lounges like to use them to give their customers smoother smoke!  The Heba Diffuser uses a  round screen with tiny holes to break up those big hookah bubbles into tiny little fizz.  They are available in multiple sizes and combo packs.   The Pharaoh's Diffuser uses a "squid" design with multiple smaller tube that also break up the smoke into smaller bubbles.  These devices not only create smoother smoke, they also act as a silencer, so they are perfect for smoking hookah during a movie!