New Hookahs of 2017 - So Many Great Hookahs You Gotta See!

With so many amazing new hookahs in 2017, here is where you should start...

With so many amazing new hookahs in 2017, where do we begin?!?!  When it comes to hookahs, we have new glass hookahs, Khalil Mamoons, Pharaohs...oh so many awesome Pharaohs hookahs, and even some of the spooky hookahs you might need on your next Dungeons and Dragons theme party.  I thought I would include all the new shisha, hoses and bowls too, but there is just way too much to put in 1 blog post.  Let's focus on hookahs for now and you can see all the new flavors, coals and accessories on the next blog in our series of new products in 2017.  

The all glass Art Hookah Temple 45 v. 4 (what a mouthful of a model name) is one of the most sought after glass hookahs world wide.  The original Art Hookah put the genre on the map as serious hookah for smoking shisha tobacco. This hookah is all glass and all class! 

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Anahi Glass Hookahs have many options, but we love the Odyssey for its simplistic, yet effective design.  It's super stable, so it won't come crashing down and if you really feel frisky you can add extra hoses to make a multi-hose version, unique in the world of glass hookahs.

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This hookah and the 2 or 3 others in this collection were too fun not to include in this blog post. The 24 inch Skeleton Hookah has an undead skelton holding up a platter of skulls...why the hell not?!  This hookah is just 1 of a series of skulls, bones, and dragons. 

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Khalil Mamoon is famous for its full size, traditional Egyptian hookahs, but they also have a small collection of compact hookahs like this guy....The Mini Beast! It smokes just like the a BEAST, but it compact 16 inche height makes it ideal for a table top or for traveling to your next hookah party.

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Named after one of the golden boys of world soccer fame, this Khalil Mamoon "Messi" hookah is now available in goooooooooooooooold. This is a 27 inch, full size KM hookah that belongs in any high quality hookah lounge or in a display case with prime placement in any retail store.

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The Amira Aftershock sent shockwaves through the hookah world with its new air-tight technology that uses magnets to connect the stem and glass base, insteat of relying on rubber grommets or threaded seals that can wear out over time. This hookah also includes a heat treated glass tray, unique in the hookah world. Are you ready for a brave new world?

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Another Amira magnetic hookah...The Amira Volcano!  The brand that brought the hookah world from the Rubber Age to the Magnetic Hookah Seals offers this beatiful hookah with a color-matched stem in multiple color options. The glass is thick and the quality is unmistakeable!

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The Moeses El Geel Egg hookah stands roughly 28" tall and features a gold stem with an oxidized ornamental egg-shaped design element. The hookah includes a large washable hose, Egyptian clay bowl and a wind cover. It's a excellent hookah that stands out in a retail store and can handle the work load of a busy hookah lounge.

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The Aztec from Pharaoh's Hookahs is a compact hookah that smokes like Chief Moctezuma himself.  The stem has an alternating geometric cube design that is connected to a pyramid shaped glass base.  These hookahs are surprising solid for their size and the quality of the hookah and its parts is obvious to anyone who gets to hold one or see them up close.

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Pharaoh's Halo hookah comes with a matte black stem and connects to a threaded base.  The hookahs thick glass base and high quality parts make it an instant winner. The bowl included with the hookah is an unglazed Egyptian / Sidestorm hybrid that has the air holes on the side of bowl to trap the juices, increase the flavor and prevent your hookah from getting coated in shisha.

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The Pharaohs Oasis came to market and the hookah lounges came swarming in the swallows of Capistrano. The shaft has a colored enamal or laquer that gives this hookah a modern, classy appearance.  The glass bases are thick and richly colored and decorated. This hookah is built for serious lounge owners who want to put out a reputation of having the best. We cannot recommend this hookah enough! 

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Another instant hot seller for all of our hookah lounge customers, the Pharaohs Griffin is built as a hookah bar workhorse hookah with solid metal construction, wide open air flow and a stable base with rich colors and thick glass. The improved unglazed Egyptian bowl adds more value, making this hookah a must for any lounge and retailers who want to sell the best!

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