3 More New Nammor Hookahs! - Large Hookahs that Turn Heads (Part 2)
Hookah Wholesalers strives to bring the best hookahs to market.  Our exclusive line of Nammor h

Hookah Wholesalers strives to bring the best hookahs to market.  Our exclusive line of Nammor hookahs offers a higher level of quality and value, and a better smoking experience than anything else out there.   

Here is a quick video rundown of 3 more of our newest Nammor hookahs:

The Nammor Vega

The Nammor Vega stands tall at an impressive 43 inches.  This Nammor has a beautifully hand lathed shaft of 100% stainless steel.  This is a hookah built for the serious enthusiast who enjoys thick smoke, rich flavor and the ritual of hookah.  When you have the Vega in your retail space or hookah lounge, your customers will know that your place is the real deal and a perfect landing zone for enthusiatic hookah fanatics!

  • 43 Inches Tall
  • 5 Color Options (Black, Blue, Clear, Green, and Red )
  • Includes Washable, Wide Bore Nammor Hose


The Nammor Archon

Archon, the root word comes from king, power, and dominion and that is exactly what this hookah projects.  This 38 inch hookah includes built in ice bucket that will keep your smoke cool and smooth.  The shaft is decorated with intricate floral designs that give this hookah a regal appearance.  This hookah has 15 glass options to choose from!

  • 38 Inches Tall
  • 15 Base Options and Colors
  • Built-In Ice Chamber


The Nammor Double Algebar

The Double Algebar is a throw back to the days when Europe was in the Dark Ages, but Arabic scholars were charting the night sky in surprising detail.  Algebar, known today as Rigel is the star located at the bottom right of the constellation Orion.  In homage those early astronomers, this hookah is adorned with star icons and their eagle counter parts, representing the masters of the sky.  When you combine the Nammor Hose, the ice bucket and 38 inches of steel and style, the Double Algebar is one the most impressive hookahs ever released by Nammor.

  • 38 Inches Tall
  • 3 Color Options (Black, Blue, or Green)
  • Built-In Ice Chamber