10 Shisha Flavors that Spike in Demand in December

In the summertime, hookah season is in full swing with bright citrus and clean fresh minty flavors dominating the hookah market. But, Winter is coming...

In the summertime, hookah season is in full swing with bright citrus and clean fresh minty flavors dominating the hookah market. But, Winter is coming...  And with it comes a whole new flavor profile from customers who want to settle into a nice hookah by the warm fireplace and enjoy the holiday spirit, and perhaps a few spirits as well.  With the seasonality of flavors being what it is, we thought you might be interested in a list of seasonal flavors that your customers will be excited about. 


  • Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie - This flavor is hard to get this time of year.  During the fall season we always sell out, so if you have a chance to pick it up, do it! This shisha has the perfect spice mix of pumpkin pie, combined with a smooth, creamy finish and smoke texture. You won't believe how close this is to the real thing.
  • Starbuzz Holiday Mix - Holiday Mix, AKA Christmas Mix, went through a name change, but kept the same award winning formula inside. Image a batch of freshly baked cookies with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanila. If you can't make it home for Christmas, this is the next best thing.
  • Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate - Everyone gets one of these at some point during the  holiday season...a chocolate orange that you smash on the counter, and then eat the slices.  Starbuzz Vintage takes that already sweet and savory flavor profile and boosts it volume with the dark leaf tobacco found in the Vintage line.  This one is rich, sultry and buzz heavy for the true hookah connoisseur.
  • Fumari Spiced Chai - This mix is a top seller all year long, because some flavors are so delicious there is no reason to ever stop smoking them. This creamy blend of chai spices is so smooth and easy to smoke, we have retailers that sell this by the kilo to walk in customers.  It's that good.
  • Fumari Ambrosia - No southern (we are in Texas, Yall!) holiday meal is complete without your aunt's famous ambrosia salad.  This sweet, fruity, melon and marshmallow blend is so easy to smoke...and eat when you get the real thing, that we know your customers would love to see it on your hookah bar menu this season.
  • Trifecta Pumpkin Somethin - There is a bit of basic in all of us. This is never more true than when the weather gets cold and we all are craving a little Pumpkin Somethin. Your customers will love this delightful smooth Pumpkin Spice flavor.
  • Trifecta Spiced Java - This flavor is a year long winner but we find it especially perfect during the winter months. Not only is this the perfect creamy coffee flavors on its own, but you can mix in a plethora of different flavors to create your perfect specialty coffee smoke.
  • Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice - For many of us winter means the aroma of baked sweets fresh out of the oven. Imagine taking the delicious flavors of a fresh peach cobbler and transforming it into smoke. Vintage Peach Spice makes this a reality!
  • Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill - Another flavor that is good all year but that much better during the colder months. Perfect blend of rich chocolate with that cool minty freshness. 
  • Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell - If you want to skip all the sweet holiday blends and get down to smoking the Christmas Tree. Lebanese Bombshell is the flavor for you. This flavor isn't for everyone but we gotta hand it to them, they made quite a unique flavor that many of us love