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The Best Selling Starbuzz Bold Flavors

Starbuzz Bold is a distinct line of exotic mixes with extra rich flavor.  The black tins distinguish Starbuzz Bold from the original line, which will help your customers engage with the staff to ask about the difference. The high standards of Starbuzz Bold keep this flavor line up much smaller than original Starbuzz.  Here are the 20 best selling flavors of Starbuzz Bold in each of the available sizes.


These flavor rankings were updated on January 1st, 2021 based on our sales data.


Top 20 Best Selling Starbuzz Bold 100g Tins

1. Queen of Sex (Strong lemon and citrus mix)

2. White Bear (Tart Pineapple gummy candy)

3. Watermelon Freeze (Watermelon with a minty, misty effect)

4. Tropicool (Citrus and Pineapple with a touch of misty mint)

5. Irish Peach ( A sweet peach and bubblegum)

6. Geisha (Peachy mist with subtle floral tones)

7. Mighty Freeze (Minty Lemon Candy)

8. Jack the Ripper (Rich grape and Cherry)

9. Black Peach Mist (Blackberry, peach and their top secret "mist")

10. Simply Mint (Mint, simply mint)

11. Green Savior (Pan Rasna - A heavily floral Indian spice mix from the betel nut tree)

12. Code Blue (Blueberry mist and chocolate)

13. Pineapple Freeze (Tangy pineapple with a cool mint)

14. Purple Savior (Purple grape soda with a finish of fizzy mist)

15. White Mint (Super clean pure mint flavor)

16. Peach Queen

17. White Chai (Creamy Chai Tea)

18. Peach Mist (Perfect peach with that light, effervescent misty-ness)

19. Peach Ice Tea

20. Mint Colossus (Spearmint, peppermint and winterfresh combine to start a new ice age)


Top 20 Best Selling Starbuzz Bold 250g Tins

1. Queen of Sex (Citrus-y Lemon Cocktail)

2. White Bear

3. Tropicool

4. Geisha

5. Green Savior (Pan Rasna - A heavily floral Indian spice mix from the betel nut tree)

6. Mighty Freeze (Lemon with cool mint)

7. Irish Peach

8. Black Peach Mist (Blackberry, peach and their top secret "mist")

9. Pineapple Freeze

10. Simply Mint

11. Jack the Ripper

12. Purple Savior

13. Margarita Freeze

14. Peach Queen

15. Mint Colossus

16. White Mint

17. Peach Mist

18. Peach Ice Tea

19. White Chai

 20. Grape Freeze


Top 20 Best Selling Starbuzz Bold 1000g (Kilogram) Flavors

1. Geisha

2. Mighty Freeze

3. Queen of Sex

4. Tropicool

5. Irish Peach

6. White Bear

7. White Mint

8. Pineapple Freeze

9. Black Peach Mist

10. Simply Mint

11. Watermelon Freeze

12. Green Savior

13. Peach Mist

14. White Chai

15. Code Blue

16. Purple Saviour

17. Irish Kiss

18. Peach Ice Tea

19. Mint Colossus

20. Golden Grape

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Starbuzz Bold or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below!


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