The Best Selling Al Fakher Flavors in 250g, 500g and Kilograms

Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Best Sellers by Size and Flavor

Al Fakher hookah tobacco is one of the best selling brands world-wide!  With that in mind, we wanted to list the best selling flavors in all sizes, in order give you the best opportunity to sell more shisha than ever before.  As one of the biggest wholesale Al Fakher distributors world-wide, we can use our sales to data to list the top sellers by size, so that retailers can find new flavors in the smaller packages, while our hookah lounge clients will know what to order by the kilo.


Top 20 Best Selling 50g Cartons (500g)


1. Mint

2. Double Apple

3. Blueberry Mint

4. Gum Mint

5. Watermelon

6. Blueberry

7. Peach

8. Watermelon Mint

9. Lemon Mint

10. Strawberry

11. Orange Mint

12. Mango

13. Orange

14. Two Apples Mint(Double Apple Mint)

15. Grape

16. Citrus Mint

17. Kiwi

18. Grape Mint

19. Berry

20. Pineapple


Top 20 Best Selling 250g Tubs

1. Mint

2. Double Apple

3. Blueberry/Blueberry Mint 

4. Gum Mint

5. Peach

6. Watermelon

7. Strawberry

8. Orange Mint

9. Lemon Mint

10. Watermelon Mint

11. Grape Mint

12. Orange

13. Mango

14. Two Apples Mint (Double Apple Mint)

15. Kiwi

16. Vanilla

17. Grape

18. Grapefruit Mint

19. Lemon

20. Berry


Top 20 Best Selling Kilos


1. Mint

2. Double Apple 

3. Watermelon

4. Blueberry Mint

5. Peach 

6. Blueberry

7. Vanilla

8. Watermelon Mint

9. Grape

10. Orange

11. Strawberry

12 Gum Mint

13. Lemon

14. Mango

15. Kiwi

16. Rose

17. Lemon Mint

18. Orange Mint

19. Pineapple

20. Cherry


Top 5 Best Selling Golden Al Fakher 250g Tubs

1. Golden Eskandrani Apple

2. Golden Fresh Mint

3. Golden Baharaini Apple

4. Golden Two Apples

5. Golden Strawberry



Top 12 Best Selling Special Edition Al Fakher 250g Tubs

(Special Edition is currently out of production)

1. Rich Creme

2. Seven Wings

3. Hookah Matata

4. Sweet Pomegranate

5Sweet Drops

6Watermelon Splash

7. Kiwi Garden

8. Blews

9. Melon Mayhem

10. Citrus Spirit

11. Strawberry Island

12. Bliss



Since Al Fakher is so popular in so many flavors, in so many sizes, we hope these lists help you order with confidence.  If  you ever want our personal favorites, please contact us by phone or online chat for suggestions. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Al Fakher or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below! 

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