Al Fakher Diamond Dust shisha tobacco

Al Fakher Diamond Dust Shisha Review

What is Diamond Dust shisha from Al Fakher all about? We've tried it out so you don't have to make the guess. ...

What does Diamond Dust take like? The stuff dreams are made of! Brace yourself for a wave of tropical freshness that will wash over your taste buds like a sweet cocktail served in a pineapple with a hot pink umbrella. Expect a blend of pineapple, citrus and berries that hits just right. 

Al Fakher Diamond Dust shisha 250g and loose tobaccoAl Fakher Diamond Dust shisha 250g and loose tobacco

As a part of the Al Fakher “Trinity” release which also included Harvest Moon and Dream Scape, Diamond Dust stands out as the best new flavor (IMHO) for hookah fans that want a smooth flavor that everyone will enjoy.  

Buying Wholesale Diamond Dust for Your Lounge and Smoke Shop

Al Fakher Diamond Dust is a no-brainer to suggest to casual smokers who don’t quite know what they’re looking for. You can load up with Diamond Dust kilos for your hookah bar or catering operation so you get the best ROI on your investment. With 40-50 servings per a 1000g tub, a kilogram of Al Fakher Diamond Dust can bring in plenty of cash to get some real bling!

Al Fakher Diamond Dust shisha tobaccoAl Fakher Diamond Dust shisha tobacco

Retailers quickly run through the 250 gram jars and 50 gram boxes. When picking them up make sure you buy in bulk so you don’t get stuck with empty slots on your shelf. Having the newest Al Fakher flavors available ensures your customers will come in and reinforce your position as THE go-to hookah destination. That type of loyal, repeat buyer makes your hookah business not only the most profitable but also a trusted hookah outlet because you’re doing it right.

Custom Hookah Lounge Mixes with Diamond Dust

  • Maui Mama - Diamond Dust 75% / Mango 25% - The sweet and citrusy blend dances on the full bodied mango base.
  • Bengali Sunrise - Diamond Dust 90% / Paan 10% - The spiced floral notes of paan add an exotic twist to the tropical fruit…just go light with the paan!
  • Flawless - Diamond Dust /  Magic Love - The 4 C’s of a flawless bowl
  • Valentino - Diamond Dust 85% / Rose 15% -  Diamonds, roses…sounds like a romantic gesture, but it's really a tropical, citrusy, floral expression of hookah love.

Have you already put Al Fakher Diamond Dust on your menu?  Let us know if we missed anything. How would you describe the flavor, and what has been your experience and feedback from your customers? Thank you for sharing in the comments below!