Al Fakher natural coconut charcoal box against background of burning charcoal

Al Fakher Natural Coconut Charcoal Review

Al Fakher natural coconut charcoal heats up the hookah world in a better way. Find out why...

Charcoal is one of the most essential pieces of any hookah experience. With so many different types, sizes, and brands it can be a bit overwhelming. In order to help you with your hookah business decisions we want to share with you a closer look at the new Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal. Not only to provide some clarity on the differences between your other options but also why these new coals from Al Fakher check all of the boxes for a premium hookah charcoal

What makes natural coconut charcoal better than quicklight coals? What makes cubed charcoal pieces better or worse than the common flat shape? And why are the Al Fakher Coconut Cubes our new favorite?

Al Fakher Natural Coconut Cube Charcoal vs Flat Coconut Charcoal vs Quicklight Charcoal

If you're new to natural coconut charcoal you might wonder what the difference is between these and the quicklight hookah charcoal.

Pieces of quicklight hookah charcoalPieces of quicklight hookah charcoal

Instant light hookah charcoal, also known as quicklight charcoal, is a popular choice for hookah smokers who want a quick and easy lighting process. This type of hookah charcoal is made from compressed sawdust and is infused with a chemical accelerant which allows them to light quickly and easily with the use of a lighter or match. We find this is a very common entry level charcoal for new hookah smokers due to their convenience but they do come with some downsides.

The chemicals used in the production of instant light charcoal may produce a chemical aftertaste or odor, which can affect the overall taste of the hookah smoke. Additionally, the chemical accelerant included to make this type of charcoal light quickly can produce more ash, which can easily clog up the hookah bowl and negatively affect the smoking experience.

Pieces of natural coconut hookah charcoalPieces of natural coconut hookah charcoal

Natural coconut charcoal, like the new Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal, is made from the shells of coconuts and is considered to be a more eco-friendly option than instant light charcoal. This type of charcoal is made by heating coconut shells in the absence of oxygen thus creating a clean-burning byproduct that produces less ash than instant light charcoal. Natural coconut charcoal is also odorless and tasteless, allowing the true flavor of the hookah shisha tobacco to shine through. 

One of the biggest advantages of natural coconut charcoal is that it burns hotter and longer than instant light charcoal, meaning that you can use less pieces of charcoal while also enjoying a longer hookah session. It also produces less smoke and ash, which means you won't have to clean your hookah as frequently. You will need a hookah heater or hot plate to get them started, but in the end it will be well worth the slightly longer startup time.

Various hookah charcoal electric burnersVarious hookah charcoal electric burners

While both of the most common types of charcoal have uses and fit certain situations, we recommend natural coconut charcoal like Al Fakher Coconut Charcoals for the best shisha experience.

Cubes vs Flats

Cube hookah charcoal pieces compared with flat charcoal piecesCube hookah charcoal pieces compared with flat charcoal pieces

When natural coconut charcoal first arrived on the market, they were sold in what we now call “flats” and they were a complete game changer. Years later as the hookah world continued to innovate and evolve, new sizes and shapes were slowly introduced to the market. There has been one clear standout from the bunch, the  25 x 25 x 25mm cube size. 

Piece of cube hookah charcoal next to U.S. quarter for sizePiece of cube hookah charcoal next to U.S. quarter for size

Cube charcoal, unlike the typical flat charcoal pieces from brands like Coconara for example, is a newer type of coconut charcoal that has become increasingly popular among hookah enthusiasts. This style of hookah charcoal is made using the same process as regular flat coconut charcoal, but it is shaped into cubes instead of being flattened. The cube shape provides a larger surface area for the charcoal to burn, which results in a longer and more consistent heat output. Cube charcoal is also less likely to break or crumble during the lighting process, which can be a common problem with regular flat coconut charcoal. Cube charcoal is more and more becoming the standard for hookah lounges, as the time savings of having to refresh coals as often can save you and your staff time and money. We were thrilled when Al Fakher chose the cube size for their new charcoal release!

Why is Al Fakher Natural Charcoal Our New Favorite?

We took some time to try the Al Fakher cubes in all different set ups and scenarios to see if they'd make even the most picky enthusiasts happy. We also did these tests to make sure they were able to serve even the busiest hookah lounges in the best way possible. We saw very little, if any, odors from lighting them up, and this ranks very well when put up to other comparable coconut cubes. They lit up fast and we were able to have them on the bowl within just a few short minutes.

Traditional Egyptian style hookah bowl next to pieces of charcoalTraditional Egyptian style hookah bowl next to pieces of charcoal

When using them with a standard Egyptian style bowl and foil set up, we experienced a nice balanced heat output. It took about three pieces of charcoal to get it rolling and ripping huge smoke clouds. If you're a lighter hookah smoker, you'll be able to have a great session and heat level with just two pieces. There were no odd tastes or odors to the coals once we started smoking, just the pure flavor and aroma from our shisha selection.

Kaloud Lotus+ and AO heat management devices Kaloud Lotus+ and AO heat management devices

Much like the regular foil set up, we found great success when using a heat management device (HMD). We were able to comfortably fit two cubes into the Kaloud Lotus+ with great heat output, and we found that although you need only two, you can fit up to three cubes comfortably in the AO HMD if you want a warmer, harder hitting smoke. No strange flavors were found in any of the HMDs we tried; we just got the smooth delicious shisha flavor. The Al Fakher cubes lasted even longer in the HMD making them one of the longest lasting cube charcoal we've tried to date.

Overall we are extremely excited about the new Al Fakher Natural Charcoal as it ranks up with some of the best coals on the market. Hookah lounges and caterers looking for a consistent coal they can count on day in and day out will find comfort knowing Al Fakher Charcoal will be there for them.

What Sizes Should I Carry?

Al Fakher natural coconut charcoal in various size boxesAl Fakher natural coconut charcoal in various size boxes

Al Fakher did an incredible job with their packaging and art design which will set them apart from the pack for hookah retailers. You can pick up the Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal in a variety of sizes. You can find them in the standard 72pc kilo box, a nice 36pc half-kilo for those with commitment issues, and for all those extreme hookah enjoyers, a two kilo 144pc box!  Hookah lounges and caterers can pick up the 10kg 720pc lounge pack so you always have top of the line coal on hand for the busy weekend rush!