Azure Apple Cider Shisha Tobacco Review

Azure Apple Cider Shisha Tobacco Review

Azure Shisha Tobacco - Apple Cider (Apple with Holiday Spices) has become an instant favorite in the office. It arrived just in time for cold front to blow through, and put us all in the Holiday spirit, holding our hot beverages and bundling up to stay warm. Check out our video review...

Azure Shisha Tobacco Apple Cider (Apple with Holiday Spices)

Apple Cider Azure shisha has been around for a short while, but it didn't take long for it to become an instant holiday classic. If you are not very familiar with the brand, do not let that hold you back from giving this a shot as your new featured flavor.  Azure Apple Cider has loads of flavor that we find can blossom in 2 different ways.  We first loaded this shisha with foil and Coco Brico Hookah Charcoal flats.  The sweet apple flavor was front and center with a beautiful bouquet of holiday cinnamon and spices. What a delight.  We fell in love with this blend immediately.  As we loaded bowl after bowl, we tried a new set up, using the Kaloud Lotus and Coco Brico cubes.  What a difference!  Now the shisha moved the spices to the spotlight.  Each puff was loaded with holiday cheer and then finished with a smooth, semi-sweet apple finale.  With both set ups, we loved the balance and purity of the flavor.  The longevity of the bowl was another plus.  This Azure Gold shisha held the flavor for the entire session.  If you want a more robust session with a higher nicotine content, try Apple Cider in Azure Black

If you need some holiday cheer on your seasonal hookah lounge menu, or just a new focal point for your retail display, this new Apple Cider from Azure's Gold line will be an instant success.


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