Map with push pins at Kansas City and St. Louis

Hookah Wholesalers Road Trip! Kansas City to St. Louis

We wanted to know what problems and issues are affecting hookah retailers across the country. So Bobby and AQ hit the road and went door to door across the Midwest...

We wanted to know what problems and issues are affecting hookah retailers across the country. As shisha distributors, we take our role very seriously and are dedicated to serving our clients best interests. We are licensed wholesale tobacco distributors in 49 states and the District of Columbia so we can pay and file your tobacco excise taxes on time, accurately, cheaper and more efficiently than passing that burden over to small business owners who have enough to worry about.

So in 2019, remember.... back in the pre-Pandemic times, we could just go outside and do whatever you want.  Bobby and AQ decided to hit the road and go door to door in Kansas City, meeting with all the hookah lounges and retailers to hear directly from them how we could help their business.  We passed out tons of free samples of hookahs, shisha and accessories and really enjoyed meeting the great people Midwest. From the food to the hookah flavors, we had a great trip, learned a lot and helped a lot of hookah business become more profitable and efficient. Hookah Wholesalers has proven to be the best B2B hookah supplier for so many businesses, we highly recommend you sign up for an account and experience the difference.

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Here is a fun clip we put together of Bobby and Adam Q (AQ) as they pounded the pavement and ate their way from KC to STL.


How is Hookah Wholesalers different from other shisha distributors?

When people ask this question, they usually want to know "why should I buy from you?"  It's a great question and to be honest not everyone should.  But we are an excellent match for any hookah business that is looking for the following:

  • Real people who answer phone calls and return messages quickly 6 days a week
  • Honest, by the book, and transparent hookah tobacco tax collection, payment and reporting with support during any state tobacco tax audit
  • Detailed and in depth product descriptions, photos, videos and reviews of the products on our website
  • Quick Fulfillment with reliable, accurate inventory online, so you get what you order
  • Regular updates about new products, promotions as well as business news, business tips and product sales reports
  • Competitive pricing for small retailers and large distributors
  • Widest Selection of shisha tobacco, hookahs, accessories and hookah coals under one roof