The Best Hookah and Vape Products of 2014

Here it is, the exciting follow up to Part 1 of the Best Hookah and Vape Products of 2014. There wer

Here it is, the exciting follow up to Part 1 of the Best Hookah and Vape Products of 2014. There were so many great products that we decided to break it into two lists, but don't think that these products are any less important or innovative. Once again, if you're not stocking all these products, you're missing out!


E-Tonic Vape 650mAh E Cig

Clean and simple, the E-Tonic Vape offers up an attractive starter e-cig at a very attractive price. Available in six colors and with a battery life of about 6 hours of continuous use, these units are profitable and easy to sell. . 


Smoke Free Pyramid

The Smoke Free Pyramid was probably the most innovative hookah product of 2014. Since its debut, the big boys, like Square and Fantasia, have come up with their own electronic hookah bowl products, but the Smoke Free Pyramid was the first and is still the coolest looking. 


Mya Gold Onyx 400 Hookah

The Mya Gold Onyx 400 Hookah is a mass produced Chinese hookah that looks like it was hand made in the Middle East. The Byzantine stem design is absolutely gorgeous! Combined with modern features, like a threaded shaft and base, this hookah is a clear winner. 


Starbuzz E-Juice 15ml Bottle

While introducing a 15ml bottle of something that is already on the market doesn't seem like a very big deal, when it's Starbuzz E-Juice, it is. This is the most popular, best selling e-liquid on the market. A 15ml bottle allows your customer the option of trying more flavors for less money, and a higher profit margin to the seller.  


Mazaya Shisha

Mazaya shisha will appeal to fans of traditional hookah tobacco. No wacky flavor names here, just classic good shisha taste made in Jordan the old fashioned way, using natural flavorings, molasses, and only the finest French tobacco. 


Square E-Head

The Square E-Head took the innovation of an electronic hookah bowl and ran with it. The E-Head's refillable cartomizer tank allows the user to vape the e-liquid of their choice, and features like variable voltage allow for the perfect draw and some truly massive clouds. 


Starbuzz USA Hookah Stem

Starbuzz USA Hookah Shafts are the pinnacle of advanced, 21st century hookah smoking. Featuring annodized aluminum bodies and stainless steel down stems, Starbuzz USA shafts are comepletely impervious to ghosting and are designed to stand the test of time, serving up the most scratch resistant finishes on the market. 


Fantasia E-Bowl

The E-Bowl is the most affordable electronic hookah bowl on the market, and it's also the easiest to use; just pop in a 3-pack of flavor cartridges and you're good to go. Fantasia has made 20 of their most popular flavors avaialable for vaping in the E-Bowl, and the massive 4400mAh battery esnures hours of vaping pleasure between charges. 


Starbuzz Maximus Hookah Hose

If you believe bigger is better, then the Starbuzz Maximus is the hookah hose for you. Featuring a 21" long handle and a total length of 90", the Maximus most definitely lives up to its name. .