The Best Wholesale Hookah Products of 2015

The Best Wholesale Hookah Products of 2015

Here is our list of the best hookah supplies that made their debut in 2015. If you don't have keep your selection up to date, you are at risk of losing your best customers...

Here is our list of the best hookah supplies that made their debut in 2015.  If you don't have keep your selection up to date, you are at risk of losing your best customers.  We are talking about the hookah fanatics who are always looking to upgrade their hookah set up, try new flavors and test out the newest gadgets.  If you don't have these items, they will go somewhere else to get them.  Here is our list of some of the notable products from 2015.  We listed them here in no particular order, because the range is so diverse we couldn't rank these apple and oranges!


D-Hose Hybrid 2.0 - 72 inch Premium Washable Hookah Hose

The D-hose Hybrid 2.0 combines a 60 inch, wide bore, medical grade silicon tube with a 12 anodized aluminum handle.  The handle features a smooth silicon  grip for extra comfort.  The air-flow, smooth draw and wash-ability of this hose made it the ultimate accessory for 2015. The hose has a wide range of colors and comes beautifully packaged, adding a much higher value that customers are willing to pay more for.  We are using this hose in the office right now!  



dream hose hybrid




Sahara Smoke Premium Hookah  Bases

The new bases from Sahara Smoke are not only goregous, but fit virtually all medium and large hookah stems.  That means your hookah lounge or your hooakh cusotmers can upgrade the look and feel of old hookah stems at any time.  This is the best hookah customization dollar for dollar when it comes to making a striking statement with your hookah.


Sahara Hookah Bases


Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals

Every is moving to coconut bases hookah coals because they have been proven to last longer, provide better heat, and produce less odor.  That gives evey smoker longer lasting bowls, with less time changing the coals, and better flavor.  That's a win, win, win....But wait, there is more.  Starbuzz took coconut coals to the next level by creating the most convenient smoke ever.  Starbuzz Instant Light Coconut Coals give the hookah coal snob who only wants coconut, the convenience of a quick light coal.  Lounge owners have gravitated to them because they last longer, so they spend less time and money bringing extra coals to their customers, but can still quickly light and serve hookahs without the 10 minute wait of using traditional coconut hookah coals.  Check them out in 35mm and 40mm size options.

Starbuzz Quick Light Coconut coals


Pharaoh's Hex Hookah

This new line of hookahs not only looks great, but is affordable and customizable.  Pharaoh's Hex Hookah is available in 6 colors and features a geometic base design.  This hookah can be upgraded to muiltple hose with the simple addition of extra hose connectors.  

Pharaoh Hex Hookah



The Best New Shisha Flavors of 2015

Here is the short list of new hookah flavors that made a big impact this year.  Do you have the latest and greatest flavors?  You should!  These flavors are available in multiple sizes, so you can pick them up for your lounge as well as your retail location.  

New Flavors from Nirvana - See all sizes here


  • Optimus Lime
  • It's Kind of Small Gabe
  • Lematrix
  • Drunk Cowboys
  • Weapons Grade mint
  • Spaceman Bill
  • Frank the Tank


New Flavors from Starbuzz - See all sizes here


  • Misty Apple (Starbuzz Bold)
  • Asian Persuasion (Starbuzz Bold)


New Flavors from Fantasia - See all sizes here


  • Aurora
  • Green Ice
  • Qing Rubis


New Flavors from Social Smoke - See all sizes here

  • Canteloupe Chill
  • Pear Chill


New Flavors from Fumari - See all sizes here

  • Tangelo
  • Limoncello