Cyber-Monday Week-Long Specials

Ok, we're stretching out the deals a little longer. If you missed out last week, we're giving you a little longer to come to your senses and snap up these great deals; plus, we've added two more products your customers will love.

Ok, we're stretching out the deals a little longer. If you missed out last week, we're giving you a little longer to come to your senses and snap up these great deals; plus, we've added two more products your customers will love.  Customers shopping this time of year are not just there to browse!  If you have anything remotely interesting or gift-worthy, all you have to do is give them a little reason to buy it and BAM! another sale in the books. 

Here are 12 great deals for Cyber-Monday Week.  We hope you enjoy!


Lotus Vape Case - Regularly $69/ea. - Now you can get 6 for $300!

The Lotus Vape Case fits either an iPhone 5 or 5S. More importantly, it contains a powerful 2000mAh e-cig battery with 4 voltage settings. How many other phone cases can also create massive clouds? Fitted with a 510 thread, the Lotus iPhone case will work with just about any clearomizer or atomizer out there. 

Check out the video to see what the Vape Case can do!


E-Tonic Premium Vape E-Cig - Now only $19 - Save 20%

The E-Tonic Premium Vape is a great e-cig starter pack for the vaper who wants to add a little bling and style to their vaping. The 650mAh battery is encrusted with sparkling black rhinestones, and the CE4 clearomizer features an extra-big, 3.5ml tank with stylish mouth-piece. Also included in the blister pack is a USB charger. 

Econo Gyro Hookahs - Regularly $40 - Now Only $34 - 15% Off

The Econo Gyro Hookah is the essence of a sophistication and value!  This amazing hookah has beautiful glass, with traditional cut glass patters.  The shaft is sleek and clean and this hookah can be upgraded from 1 hose to 4 hose.  The hoses and adapaters are widely available.   Choose from multiple colors and hose numbers to customize the Econo Gyros for your store this holiday season.


Khalil Mamoon Halzona Hookah - Regularly $99.99 - Now Only $85 - Save $15%

The Khalil Mamoon Halzona Hookah is a beautifully crafted 32 inch hookah.  The shaft has a gorgeous tri-metal design.  The hose connections are welded to the hookah with wide openings.  This gives the hookah amazing airflow and your customers will love the thick, monster clouds.  Khalil Mamoon is a essential part of the hookah landscape and every store should offer hookahs of this caliber if they want to attract the best hookah customers.


Furat Egyptian Mini Hookahs - Regularly $15 - Now Only $10 or Less - Save 33% or More!

The Furat Hookah is the traditional alternative to a hookah like the Chinese-made "pumpkin" hookahs.   These are hand-made Egyptian hookahs.  The shafts are stainelss steel, and the bowls are hand made.  Furats are bigger, better and offer a true hookah experience more than any hookah in this price category.

Place any order over $1000 and use Coupon Code "6Furats" and get 6 Free Furat Hookahs - ($235 Value)


Turkish Bowl and Lid Combo - Regularly $13 - Now Only $8 - Save $5

The Turkish Bowl with Lid is a great way to get better, thicker smoke with less hassle.  The bowl holds a generous 20 grams of shisha tobacco, while the lid serves as a wind cover, bowl screen and coal carrier all in one!  Fill the lid with your coals right at the burner, and safely carry them to your hookah.  Simply place the lid over the top and you are ready to smoke.   The central spire in the lid, slightly elevates the coals to prevent scorching.  You get thick clouds with the easiest heat management.  You get longer lasting flavor, bigger clouds, more flavor and it's all less work!

26" Sphinx 3 Hose Hookah - Regularly $42 (As Seen Right) - Now Only $35.75 - Save 15%

The Sphinx 3-Hose Hookah is a traditional Egyptian hookah.  Standing  at 26" tall, this large hookah is a very sturdy size without being too big to handle.  With the triple-hose option, you can choose from a variety of hoses and glass bases to build these hookahs as cheap or luxurious as you want.  This hookah is shown with a Red Pyramid base and washable, plastic hoses.  With 4 hose options and 11 glass options, you can configure 44 varieties in a range of prices and colors.


Coco Buzz 2.0 - Regularly $8.50 - Now Only $7.00 - Save 18%

The Coco Buzz 2.0 Hookah Coals are the flagship coals from Starbuzz Tobacco.  Coco Buzz natural coals use a coconut shell base to provide ideal heat without any harsh odors or unpleasant flavors.  The new Coco Buzz 2.0 is larger and lasts longer than ever.  These are extra large cube shapped briquettes.  Each coal will last almost twice the time of the flat pieces.


Ego-T 650mah Combo Pack - Regularly $15 - Now Only $10 - Save 33%

The Ego-T Combo Pack is the basic starter kit for anyone new to vaping.  This great starter kit is a combo pack containing an Ego-T with 650mah batter, a USB charger and a reserve flavor tank.  This is the perfect little item for anyone curious about e-cigs and just wants to try it before diving into more advanced devices.

Available in four colors!


The Quad Bowl - Regularly $9 - Now only $4 - Save $5

The Quad Bowl is a great way to mix flavors and showcase an amazing piece of hookah hardware.  The Quad Bowl is compatible with most hookahs and is a fun way to mix and match your favorite flavors.  Hookah Lounges have used them as an upsell for a premium bowl experience and are able to get a $5-10 Upcharge for serving 4 flavors in the Quad Bowl! 

Econo Gelato Hookah - Regularly $23 - Now Only $20 - Save 13%

The Mya Saray Econo Gelato Hookah is another "Best Seller" that continues to impress.  These compact hookah are the perfect hookah for beginners, and make great travel or table top hookahs for anyone's private hookah arsenal.  The Econo Gelato is roughly 18 inches high, available as a single or double hose, and have a wide range of colors. 


KM Fifa Ice - Regularly $115 - Now Only $95 - Save $20 per Hookah!

The Khalil Mamoon Fifa Ice Hookah with silver striped base has a clean, stylish aesthetic combined with traditional KM Hookah Horse Power!  The wide openings allow for smooth airflow, which give your customers thicker smoke and an effortless draw.  The stainless steel shaft features and adorned geometric globe, representing the world's passion for hookah, football (we call it soccer!), and great times with friends.  Smoking the Fifa Ice is a guaranteed GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAALLLL.