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The Best Hookahs $25 and Under

Find out which inexpensive hookahs are the best to have on hand in your shop for high-margin turnaround...

Note: This blog was last updated January 1, 2024

Looking for hookahs that you can sell in your store for $15-$40? Here is a quick round up of the best hookahs that can be grabbed for a few bucks, These inexpensive hookahs are great starter hookahs or travel hookahs for people looking for a smaller or beginner rig.

Some retailers blow these hookahs out by the truck-load, so if you don't have a shelf dedicated for these low cost, high margin hookahs, you might consider investing in these hot sellers. Most of these models can be found in our Modern Hookah category, but there are great deals on inexpensive hookahs of many types.

Echo Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsEcho Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Echo Honeypot

These 9.5" tall hookahs are great for tabletop smoking. They are also a great option for your customers looking for a hookah pipe thats easy to store or travel with. 

Pumpkin Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsPumpkin Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Pumpkin Hookahs

The Pumpkin hookah has been a strong staple for retailers and consumers for decades. These 10" hookahs are the perfect beginner hookah and are an easy sell for any retailer. 

Golden Desert 2Paf hookahGolden Desert 2Paf hookah

Golden Desert 2Paf

Golden Desert hookahs continue to impress with unique designs and innovative modern takes on traditional hookah pipes. The 2Paf model is no exception. At 18" in height, the 2Paf is a great mid-size hookah for any beginner or enthusiast. 

This hookah has an acrylic base which means no more broken glass, as well as easy transport without worry. 

MYA Saray Minion hookahMYA Saray Minion hookah

MYA Saray Minion

MYA Saray has been and is still a leader in the world of hookah. Known for their glass work, MYA delivers premium quality in everything they produce. 

The 8" Minion is a cloud machine that is a top-seller and an easy seller for those looking for top quality at an affordable price point. 

Posh Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsPosh Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Posh Hookahs

This is the classic and familiar Pumpkin hookah on steroids. These 10" hookahs have a larger, decorative stem to add some more flair and sparkle. 

Available in 1 or 2 hose options, the Posh hookah is a great option to offer for those looking for a great tabletop hookah.

Ripple Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsRipple Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Ripple Hookahs

The Ripple hookah features a more modern design at 12". The unique squared shaped base means not only stability but also an interesting take on aesthetics when it comes to hookah bases. 

Sunflower Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsSunflower Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Sunflower Hookahs

The 12" tall Sunflower hookah delivers a more ornamented look with it's base and stem. Shipped with a modern and more desirable bowl, the Sunflower is a great seller for most new-hookah-users. 

Swirl Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsSwirl Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Swirl Hookahs

The Swirl hookah is a compact hookah at 12" in height with a lot of visual appeal from its twisted metal stem. 

With its modern design, mod bowl, and washable hose, the Swirl hookah smokes just as great as any of its larger counterparts and sells easily in a retail space. 

Zelda Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose optionsZelda Hookah shown in 1 and 2 hose options

Zelda Hookahs

As one of the largest hookahs on this list, the Zelda hookah is available in 1 or 2 hose options and delivers a premium level design and quality at an inexpensive price. 

At 20" in height, the Zelda is what most consumers are looking for in a hookah pipe. 

MYA Saray Petite hookah shown in various colorsMYA Saray Petite hookah shown in various colors

MYA Saray Petite

Another MYA Saray pipe on the list? Yup! Because they're so great at their price point as well as an easy sell, the MYA Petite lives here on our affordable and fast-seller list. 

The 8" Petite is a beastly smoke machine and is available in a wide variety of colors.