Coconut pieces on a green background

Wanna Go Nuts? Three Coconut Shisha Mixes for Your Hookah Bar

Got any coconut mixes ready for National Coconut week? We have some for you if you don't.

As hookah lounge operators, we are always looking for ways to keep our customers engaged and loyal to our businesses. One way to do that is by offering unique mixes that other lounges do not have on the menu and cannot replicate. 

A great way to try new blends to add to your menu is with seasonal, special mix menus. If the seasonal blends are a hit with your customers then you can consider adding it to your permanent menu under your exclusive, secret house mixes section….and why not add a small upcharge for these blends if they are that good?

Coconut shisha is not a best seller, and I ran a hookah lounge for 5 years, and never did I ever serve anyone just a bowl of coconut. However, everytime a customer was wise enough to ask for a coconut mix, it was such a delicious blend. Adding coconut to your bowl is the best way to add a creaminess to the flavor and smoke texture that you do not get with any other flavor.

In honor of National Coconut Week, here are some of our favorite coconut mixes to try. Get a FREE printable menu card below


Strawberry + Coconut (Pineapple optional)

Coconuts on strawberriesCoconuts on strawberries

Everyone loves the name and the flavor does not disappoint. You get the sweet, fruity strawberry that blends seamlessly with the sweet, creamy coconut. This may be a simple blend but when you get the proportions right, then dabble in the optional pineapple sweetener, you can create a flavor mix that gets rave reviews. It just might become your new best selling house mix.

Blue Lagoon

Blueberry + Coconut + Vanilla

Coconuts and vanilla beans with blueberriesCoconuts and vanilla beans with blueberries

Have you ever eaten a blueberry coconut muffin? I haven’t even seen one, but after trying this mix I want to open a bake shop and start the revolution. The tart blueberries mix with the smooth coconut that combines with vanilla to create a berry, coconut cream cake dessert flavor. It’s a great bowl to finish the night after walking the strip in Miami Beach.


Pineapple + Mango + Coconut

Coconuts and mangos with pinapplesCoconuts and mangos with pinapples

Do you love pina coladas, getting caught in the rain? This blend is one of those no-brainers that takes all of your favorite tropical fruit, puts them in a blender and serves up a bowl of paradise. This checks all the boxes; sweet, fruity, tropical, smooth, and delicious. The only thing missing is white sand and a cabana boy named Paolo. Small drink umbrella is optional.

Want These Flavor Mixes in Your Lounge? Get Our Hookah Menu Download

Here are two menu cards that you can print and put in your menu, or on table tents, to promote the mixes.  The download is free and you have two options.