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Eclipse Draco Review

Discover what Draco shisha from Eclipse is all about...

Draco Eclipse Hookah Shisha Tobacco

The Medwakh shisha masters have launched the new and improved dark leaf, dokha infused shisha tobacco known as Eclipse! We cracked open a 100g of Draco to give you a quick flavor review. Draco is a mix of Blueberry, Vanilla and Honey.

What I love about the Eclipse line is that the honey flavor really comes through to give the flavor some sweetness. The Blueberry and Vanilla rests perfectly with the darker, richer tobacco notes from the dark leaf tobacco leaves.

Blueberries Vanilla and HoneyBlueberries Vanilla and Honey

This line of shisha is extra juicy for rich flavor and super thick clouds.  We recommend using a shisha fork when preparing the bowl to keep your hands clean and a phunnel bowl to help keep your hookah stem clean. Each bag of Draco Eclipse is infused with a dash of dokha tobacco, a pipe tobacco grown in the desert where the intense heat creates a very potent, high-nicotine leaf.

Shisha Oyster Fork Shisha Oyster Fork

Draco Eclipse in your Hookah Lounge or Smoke Shop

Eclipse is available in 1000g kilo packs for hookah lounges who want to buy in bulk and also offer their clients dark leaf options that other hookah lounges are not serving yet.  Retailers will do best with the Eclipse 100g resealable pouches that come in case packs of 10 pouches (or you can purchase them individually).

Have you tried Eclipse shisha in your business?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!