The Best Selling Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Fantasia shisha tobacco is very popular because of its sweet flavors, its fun and playfully attractive packaging and perfect price point.  It's a quality shisha that customers enjoy more than discount brands, and the flavor blends are very hookah newbie friendly.  This line of tobacco is a great starting point for new hookah smokers and their vast flavor selection will keep hookah smokers coming back to try more and more new flavors.

Top 20 Best Selling Fantasia 50g Cartons (500g)

1. Ice Mint (Super strong mint)

2. Rainbow Burst (Little candies that taste like a rainbow)

3. Adios M@#%+&! (Blueberry pineapple bubble gum)

4. Magic Dragon (Berry blend with hints of mint)

5. Purple Haze (Sweet purple grape candy or soda)

6. Pink Lemonade (sweet and sour pink lemonade)

7. 4 Play (Watermelon hard candy)

8. Dragons Breath (Fruity gummy candies)

9. Incredible (Green desert gelatin)

10. Blueberry Ice (Blueberry Mint)

11. Wild Mango

12. Cactus Breeze (Prickly pear, sweet tropical twist with grenadine)

13. Jolly Molly (Sweet, pink candy watermelon)

14. Strawberry Lemonade

15. Blueberry

16. Raspberry Lemonade (Sweet and tart Lemonade with tangy raspberry)

17. Mary Jane (Strawberry Mint)

18. Cuban Mojito (Sweet lime with a mint kick)

19. Surfer (Pineapple and coconut)

20. Da Bomb Blueberry (an explosion of blueberry)

Top 20 Best Selling Fantasia 100g Flavors

1. Dragons Breath

2. Rainbow Burst

3. Ice Mint

4. Cuban Mojito

5. Watermelon Ice

6. Cotton Candy

7. Wild Mango

8. Cactus Breeze

9. Adios Mofo

10. Kali Drizzle

11. Magic Dragon

12. Blueberry Ice

13. Hydroponics

14. Guava Breeze

15. Jolly Molly

16. Pink Lemonade

17. Strawberry Lemonade

18. Mango Ice

19. Hurricane

20. Surfer


Top 20 Best Selling Fantasia 200g Flavors

1. Rainbow Burst

2. Pink Lemonade

3. Purple Haze

4. Ice Mint

5. Blueberry Splash

6. Wild Mango

7. 4 Play

8. Raspberry Lemonade

9. Watermelon Ice

10. Adios Mofo

11. Cuban Mojito

12. Kali Drizzle

13. Blueberry Ice

14. Cactus Breeze

15. The Million Dollar Flavor

16. Electric X

17. Cotton Candy

18. Magic Dragon

19. Peach Ice

20. Maybach Melon

Top 20 Best Selling Fantasia 1000g (Kilogram) Flavors

1. Pink Lemonade

2. Rainbow Burst

3. Wild Mango

4. Blueberry Splash

5. Dragons Breath

6. Strawberry Lemonade

7. Purple Haze

8. Adios Mofo

9. Ice Mint

10. Margarita

11. Cactus Breeze

12. Cuban Mojito

13. Incredible

14. Raspberry Kamikaze

15. Blueberry Ice

16. 4 Play

17. Raspberry Lemonade

18. Magic Dragon

19. Bubble Gum

20. Surfer


We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Fantasia Shisha or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us or leave comments below!


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