Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Flavor Review

Fumari Ambrosia Shisha Flavor Review

Ambrosia Fumari Hookah Tobacco Fumari put the “BRO this is so good!” in AmBROsia with th...

Ambrosia Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari put the “BRO this is so good!” in AmBROsia with this luxuriously creamy melon blend. I’ve been crazy about this flavor for years, so get ready for the tea. Juicy, vibrant cantaloupe with smooth, creamy undertones create a flavor profile so elegant, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t tried this flavor sooner. Ambrosia delivers a delicately light and sweet tone reminiscent of a fluffy marshmallow, while the vibrant melons deliver the strikingly fresh flavor Fumari is known for. Ambrosia is a must-have in my collection, and we're sure your customers will love it too. Incredible on it’s own and insanely tasty in mixes, this versatile melon flavor adds that extra pizzazz to all of your favorites. You’ll love slapping Ambrosia into all your favorite blends!

Mixology Lab Results

Fumari Ambrosia is dynamite in the mixology lab! Your customers will be coming back for more of these insane house mixes, unique from our lab to your lounge. 

Fruit Salad: Fumari Mandarin Zest 50% / Fumari Ambrosia 50%

  • Like a bright and delicious fresh cut fruit salad, this mix is sure to be a hit for fruit lovers everywhere. For an extra kick of fruity goodness, serve this bad boy up in your favorite apple head!

Dreamsicle: Fumari Orange Cream 40% / Fumari Ambrosia 60%

  • This creamy and dreamy blend is the perfect sweet tooth fix. These luscious vanillas and bright citrus tones will have you on cloud 9!

The Oasis: Fumari Ambrosia 30% / Fumari Aloha Mango 40% / Fumari Guava 30%

  • As refreshing as an oasis paradise, this tropical blend is the perfect mix for all beach lovers. Try this in a pineapple head for an extra tropical explosion!

But how do I pack it?! Great question! Fumari is a juicy and light blonde leaf shisha, which makes it extremely versatile. Fumari Ambrosia shisha will smoke great in any bowl style with a nice fluffy pack. Our favorite is the phunnel bowl style because it gently cradles in all that juicy goodness. More juice = more strikingly fresh flavor!

Fumari Ambrosia is available in their classic 100 gram pouches with a resealable lip which is perfect for retail shops, and you’re definitely going to want to pick this bad boy up in kilograms for your hookah lounge or catering business. 

Are you looking for Fumari wholesale? Fumari Ambrosia is available in 100g Pouches great for Hookah Retailers, and Kilo Pouches for all you Hookah Lounges. Trust me, you'll need the Kilo!