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Best Selling Fumari Shisha Flavors

In just a few years time, Fumari hookah tobacco has burst onto the scene offering some super unique and enjoyable shisha flavors and become one of the most popular premium shisha brands in the USA. Fumari is a blonde leaf, modern American stlye shisha that comes in a 100g resealable zip sealed pouch to keep the shisha tobacco moist and fresh. This hookah tobacco is great for retailers in the 100g pouches and hookah bars can utilize the large 1000g pouches. Here is a list of the best selling flavors in both 100g and 1000g pouches so you can order the most popular flavors for your retail location as well as your hookah lounge.

These flavor rankings were updated on November 4th, 2020 based on our sales data.


Top 20 Best Selling Fumari 100g Pouches

Fumari 100g Shisha TobaccoFumari 100g Shisha Tobacco

1. WGB: Hands down the most popular Fumari shisha flavor on the market . A perfectly crafted blend of citrus and pineapple flavors that tastes incredibly close to that of a white chewy bear treats.  This sells 2:1 to the next best selling flavor.  It's an absolute must for any shop or hookah bar! (See WGB Video Review)

2. RGB:  What?! That's right folks, another yummi bear flavor. It has quickly become a rival to it's white counterpart. A juicy pairing of wild cherry and raspberry.  (See RGB Video Review)

3. Blueberry Muffin: No matter the time of day, breakfast is always a good selection! Why not offer up this savory, pastry flavor to your customers

 4. White Peach:  Peach shisha is one of the most popular fruit flavors in the hookah-verse.  Fumari White Peach nails it!  I would take this peach of over any other brand.

 5. Ambrosia: A tried and true sweet melon, fruity, creamy, sweet marshmallow delight!  It doesn't get any smoother than this!  (See Ambrosia Video Review)

6. Aloha Mango: A superior replacement for Tropical Mango, this tropical mango blend a touch of the sweet aloha spirit.  (See Aloha Mango Video Review)

7. Lemon Mint:  Citrus flavors have come back as the most popular flavor profile for 2015.   The blend is well balanced and mint just makes everything better!  (See Lemon Mint Video Review)

8.  Mint Chocolate Chill:  A delicious pairing of chocolate and mint not unlike that of the popular ice cream flavor.

9.  Orange Cream:  A sultry blend of sweet cream with bright citrus notes of fresh orange to create the perfect Orange Julius.

10. Mint:  A classic flavor in almost every brand. It's clean and fresh on its own and great as a mixer!

11. Watermelon:  Pink candied watermelon flavors get toned down by natural fruit and melon notes making this deliciously authentic watermelon.

12. Spiced Chai:  A delicious blend of creamy vanilla, coffee, chocolate and spices all mixed to perfection. 

13. Limoncello:  A tantalizing lemon zing with a mild sweetness that makes it extra smooth.

14. Sweet Mint:  This is a sweeter blend of peppermint and spearmint, clean and smooth.

15. Sour Cherry: A tart shisha with a red cherry foundation and a kiss of sour to give this fruity blend some interest.  (See Sour Cherry Video Review)

16. Island Papaya:  Rich, tropical, deep fruity-ness that has flavor for days

17. Prickly Pear: Sweet, tart and tangy cactus fruit that's kinda punchy and always hits the spot!

18. Purple Grape: This new flavor of sweet, dark grapE-y goodness takes us back to our favorite summertime drink as a kid....Ohh Yeaahhh! (See our Purple Grape Review)

19. Mojito Mojo:  Sweet mint with a splash of lime....in Havana....In Havana...just ask Cuban Pete!

20. Double Apple:  A perennial classic, double apple combines a heavy dose of anise to apple flavor for a very traditional hookah experience 



Top Selling Fumari 1000g Pouches (Kilos)

Fumari 1000g Shisha TobaccoFumari 1000g Shisha Tobacco


1. White Gummi Bear

2. Ambrosia

3.  Red Gummi Bear

4. Lemon Mint

5. White Peach

6. Tangelo

7. Blueberry Muffin

8. Mint

9. Spiced Chai

10. Tropical Punch

11. Mint Chocolate Chill

12. Citrus Mint

13. Mojito Mojo

14. Sweet Mint

15. Orange Cream

16. Island Papaya

17. Prickly Pear

18. Watermelon

19. Caribbean Colada  (See Caribbean Colada Video Review)

20. Aloha Mango


We had to cut the list at some point, so we chose these top 20.  However, this is the one of the best lines of shisha (in my opinion) in terms of consistently producing great flavors that last for a long time with thick smoke quality.  You cannot go wrong with anything Fumari!


 If you would like to purchase Fumari Tobacco wholesale, please register for an account.  Let's get started!

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about Fumari or any of their flavors so please don't hesitate to contact us. Happy Smoking!



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