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Fumari Fakh N' Mint Shisha Flavor Review

Fumari Fakh N' Mint brings back one of the most unique and underrated flavors in the hookah-verse. So, what is Fakh N' Mint? Great question! Load a bowl while we dive deep into this beautiful bouquet...

Fakh N' Mint Fumari Hookah Tobacco

Fumari Fakh N' Mint shisha tobacco hookah wholesalersFumari Fakh N' Mint shisha tobacco hookah wholesalers

If you are born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, you probably came to know hookah after the widespread availability of Fumari Fakhfakhina. This beautifully subtle and perfectly balanced flavor was only available from Fumari, and it was the perfect flavor to mix with virtually everything. Fakhfakhina was a smooth blend of mild apple flavor, with a subtle herbal / floral / jasmine note and just the mildest whisper of mint-y coolness to round out the shisha mix.

Fakhfakhina would add a cool, soothing smoothness to any flavor you mixed it with and just made everything better. On its own, there wasn’t enough there...this was a flavor that was made to mix. There has not been anything on the market since and thankfully Fumari got wise and has put this blend back on the market...with a small difference.

Since most mixes include mint shisha anyway...(it was always Blueberry, Fakhfakhina and Mint, or Peach, Fakhfakhina and Mint) the shisha masters have released Fumari Fakh N' Mint with the mint component amped up to save you the extra step. They have even added hints of kiwi, strawberry and orange. The new blend is now bold enough to be smoked on its own, but still functions as the ultimate flavor emulsifier and mixer.

Mixology Lab Results

The Smooth Ride: 

Fumari Fakh N' Mint 50% / Fumari White Peach 50%

  • So smooth...just so smooth. The punchy White Peach gets rounded out with the sweet apple notes, and the mint adds that cool, fresh finish. 

Fakh N' Mint, Man:

Fumari Fakh N' Mint 33% / Fumari White Peach 67%

  • You want to keep the Mandarin Zest as the star of the blend but have it take the edge off the bright citrus with a more complex, full-bodied aroma that the Fakh N' Mint brings to the party.

Fumari Fakh N' Mint comes in the standard Fumari 100g 10 packs or as singles. The resealable pouches are perfectly designed to keep your shisha fresh and juicy as you work through the bag...but that won’t take long with a flavor like this! Fumari Fakh N' Mint also comes in hookah lounge packs of 1000 grams (1kg) that will take your lounge menu to a new level.

Are you looking for Fumari wholesale? Fumari is available in 100g Pouches (great for Hookah Retailers), and 1000g (1kg) Pouches for all you Hookah Lounges. Trust me, you'll need the kilo!