Fumari RGB Shisha Flavor Review

Fumari RGB Shisha Flavor Review

RGB Fumari Hookah Tobacco The Notorious RGB! RGB has gotten a slight rebranding like it’s olde...

RGB Fumari Hookah Tobacco

The Notorious RGB! RGB has gotten a slight rebranding like it’s older brother, WGB, but remains the same gummy fruit punch flavor that took the hookah-verse by storm. With juicy cherry and tart raspberry notes, this sweet blend delivers the perfect fruity punch that will satisfy both newbies and pro’s alike. RGB is the perfect bold fruity shisha on it’s own and will pack a punch in all of your favorite mixes! This highly requested classic from Fumari is a must have for every hookah lounge and retail shop. For all those customers who crave something fruity or are just looking for “whatever is good”, RGB is the perfect go-to flavor they won’t be able to get enough of. 


Mixology Lab Results

Fumari Red Gummy Bear has been a crowd favorite in the mixology lab for a long time. We pulled out our top favorite blends that your customers will go nuts for.

Berry Lemonade: Fumari RGB 40% / Fumari Lemon Mint 30% / Fumari Guava 30%

  • Don't fear the Guava - it really makes this mix pop! This mix is delightfully sweet and smooth, with a nice touch of mint to liven the party. I recommend this mix with a nice fruity mimosa or bellini!

Tropical Agua Fresca: Fumari RGB 40% / Fumari Watermelon 20% / Fumari Mojito Mojo 40%

  • A tropical candied version of the classic agua fresca drink, this mix really brings out the raspberry notes in RGB. For an added level of flavor, slap this mix into an orange head!

Cherry Cordial: Fumari RGB 30% / Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill 70%

  • This flavor has us reminiscent of our favorite cherry cordial chocolates. This mix is perfect to pair with a nice hot chocolate! 

Fumari RGB is available in 100g resealable pouches, as well as their larger kilogram pouches- perfect for all your high demand flavors and serious smokers.

Are you looking for Fumari wholesale? Fumari RGB is available in 100g Pouches great for Hookah Retailers, and Kilo Pouches for all you Hookah Lounges. Trust me, you'll need the Kilo!