Strawberry Jam Fumari Shisha Flavor Review

Strawberry Jam Fumari Shisha Flavor Review

Take a quick look at this new flavor from Fumari! We smoke a bowl of this hot new release and give you a straight up review of our experience and put it all on film for your enjoyment...

Strawberry Jam Fumari Hookah Tobacco

It's the JAAAAAAMMMMM!  Strawberry Jam! This new flavor from Fumari Tobacco is here and as usual, Strikingly Fresh. The new blend is sweet strawberry, with more subtle tones that combine with the natural sweetness you think of when it comes to jams and jellies. The strawberry flavor profile itself is somewhere between natural strawberry and the candy strawberry flavor you find in most foods and flavors.  For me, it seemed to be a dead on match for those little treats, wrapped in the cartoon strawberry wrapping. We think this is a great blend for summer and going into fall, for people who want a smooth smoke and sweet flavor without it being too overpowering.

Mixology Lab Results

Our mixologists weren't exactly sure where to take it, but we had some fun anyway.

Guavaberry Jam: Fumari Strawberry Jam 70% / Fumari Guava 30%

  • The bold tropical Guava takes center stage, but the Strawberry Jam adds the sweet fruity-ness it needs to smoke the whole session.

Jammin' Blueberry Muffin: Fumari Blueberry Muffin 50% / Fumari Strawberry Jam 50%

  • What if we took the awesome Blueberry Muffin baked goods goodness and slathered and sweet layer of strawberry Jam?  Yeah, I know....lets light the coals right now!


Fumari Strawberry Jam comes in 100g pouches with a resealable lip, conveniently available in packs of 10, as well as the monster kilogram (1000g) pouches. Fumari pouches are heavy duty and can even stand up on their own for easy storage and use.

Are you looking for Fumari wholesale? Fumari Strawberry Jam is available in 100g Pouches great for Hookah Retailers, and Kilo Pouches for all you Hookah Lounges. Trust me, you'll need the Kilo!