Fumari Tangelo Shisha Flavor Review

Fumari Tangelo Shisha Flavor Review

Tangelo Fumari Hookah Tobacco While Tangelo definitely sounds like a made up word, Fumari dug deep i...

Tangelo Fumari Hookah Tobacco

While Tangelo definitely sounds like a made up word, Fumari dug deep into the orchards of California to bring the incredibly delicious Tangelo fruit to the hookah-verse. A blend of tangerine and grapefruit, Tangelo is a must-have flavor for citrus lovers everywhere. The tart bite of grapefruit and sweet zest of tangerine pair together in perfect harmony for this unique fruit hybrid. While Tangelos might not be available in your nearest grocery store, Fumari Tangelo sure to be a hit with your customers all year round. 

Mixology Lab Results

We ran this hybrid-fruit through the mixology lab and came back with INSANE results! Strap in, these mixes will have your customers slapping bags of Fumari faster than you can say "Tangelo"!

Paradise Colada: Fumari Tangelo 50% / Fumari Caribbean Colada 50%

  • This delightful tropical citrus blend is straight from the cabana in paradise! Serve this mix up in a pineapple head to seal in perfection.

Sunday Brunch: Fumari Tangelo 30% / Fumari Island Papaya 30% / Fumari Mimosa 40%

  • Just like a gourmet mimosa at Sunday brunch, this blend delivers bold and juicy fruits with light sparkling mimosa tones. Pump up the mimosa flavors when you slap this mix into an orange bowl!

Citrus Iced Tea: Fumari Tangelo 30% / Fumari Citrus Mint 30% / Fumari Citrus Tea 40%

  • A refreshing icy citrus tea mix isn't far from reach. For extra cooling effect, throw some ice in the base!

Looking to mix up your hookah game even more? Grab a Mystique Ice Tip for your hookah, or try out different fruit bowls! You can even put fruits in your base for an extra blast of flavor, plus a stunning presentation that will wow your customers.

Fumari Tangelo is available in 100g resealable pouches, as well as the larger kilogram pouches for all your lounge and retail needs.

Are you looking for Fumari wholesale? Fumari Tangelo is available in 100g Pouches great for Hookah Retailers, and Kilo Pouches for all you Hookah Lounges. Trust me, you'll need the Kilo!