5 Fumari Tobacco Flavors Every Hookah Lounge Menu Needs

5 Fumari Tobacco Flavors Every Hookah Lounge Menu Needs

If your hookah bar needs a few new flavors to spice up a seasonal menu or maybe you need to do a complete refresh, here are 5 Fumari flavors we know will be knockouts at every hookah lounge...

We feel like Fumari Tobacco is one of the best overall options for hookah lounges because they have a wide range of flavors, resealable kilogram packaging and some of the most unique blends of all major shisha tobacco brands on the market. The tobacco has a medium cut, plenty of juice and is easily prepared in virtually any hookah set up. The session length will go over an hour and still hold a strong, rich taste that will keep your customers coming back for more. Did we forget to mention the smoke itself?  The clouds are extra puffy and smooth on the inhale, making this a no brainer for any hookah bar. 

However, we know there are a lot of great choices when it comes to hookah tobacco, so if you are using another shisha as your primary house brand, that's fine too.  We just highly recommend you try these flavors in addition to your current menu to really take your hookah lounge to the next level. 

Best Fumari Flavors for Hookah Bars

Blueberry Muffin brings a strong semi-sweet blueberry flavor (It's more natural blueberry and less blue candy syrup blueberry.) to a blend with a subtle vanilla cake/muffin flavor that some how, some way actually tastes like a deliciously fresh blueberry muffin. The name is unique enough to get plenty of attention when you put it on the menu.  

Ambrosia is a sweet and tart melon and maybe fruity or tropical kind of blend that you cannot find from any other brand of hookah tobacco. This is one of their best selling flavors of all time and a perennial hookah lounge favorite.  It's unique, refreshing, sweet, tangy, fruity and super smooth.  It checks all the boxes of a high volume shisha flavor for any hookah bar.

Mint Chocolate Chill features the classic pairing of rich chocolate with a smooth mint.  We love the deep flavor of roasty chocolate and the mint keeps it light and easy. When customers are tired of flavors that are too sweet or fruity, the blend is perfect for a long lasting, relaxing session.  Let's hookah and Mint Chocolate Chill!

White Gummi Bear is the #1 selling flavor from Fumari over the last couple years. This is a sweet, tropical pineapple blend with gummy flavor...is that a thing? Your customers who don't know what they want, or ask you for "something good" (you know the customers we are talking about) will love this mix.  It's a crowd-pleaser and perfect for hookah newbies, but delicious enough to keep the pro's hooked.

Red Gummi Bear is another gummi candy shisha blend that is sweeter than the white and has a lot more fruity flavor.  When your customers are asking for a sweet shisha with loads of fruity-ness, this is the hands down, go to mix.

Spiced Chai is another blend that breaks away from the sweet family and blazes a trail down the road to creamy spicetown. You get lots of smooth creamy chai flavors with all of the spicy hints of clove, cardamom,  and cinnamon.  Incredibly smooth and equally complex, this is a great smoke for those hookah fans who are tired of the basic fruits and berries and want a true hookah experience.


You can get Kilos of Strikingly Fresh Fumari for your lounge, and maybe pick up some 100g Fumari packs for retail sales too.


Are you selling these Fumari Tobacco flavors in your lounge?  What is your take on the flavor profiles? Did we leave anything out?  We would love to hear your feedback about carrying these hookah flavors in your hookah lounge!  Let us know in the comments below.