Bulk Hookah Charcoal Deals for Hookah Bars and Lounges

Hookah lounges burn through charcoals at a rapid pace, so buying coals the right way can not only save you time, but also save you money...

Hookah lounges burn through charcoals at a rapid pace, so buying coals the right way can not only save you time, but also save you money.  Things to consider are the type of coals, the size and shape, and also the longevity of each coal.  Some coals last longer, which lounges may or may not want.  Some coals fit better with certain bowl sizes.  Other coals are packaged in a way that saves time and money for hooakh bar operators.  Here are a few coal options specifically for hookah bars.

Flat vs Cube Coals for Hookah Bars

Cube vs Flat Coconut coals


Flat coals are smaller, so you get more coals per kilo.  They last roughly 35 minutes while the cubes can last 45 minutes or more depending on the brand.  Larger coals can mean longer sessions, but also fewer trips to refill and maintain coals for your customers.  Other lounge owners like the flats because they can vary from 2, 3 or eve 4 coals depending on the bowl size and set up.  Whatever works in your lounge, based on your equipment and pricing model, is up to you.  It's worth experimenting to find out which coals will optimize your lounge turnover, drink and food sales, your servers' labor cost and other factors that contribute to your overall profitability.


Buy Coals in a 3kg, 10kg or 15kg Boxes for hookah lounges

Titanium Coals - All Sizes and Cases

Titanium Coals have a 3 kilogram box of flat coals, and 10 kilogram box that is available with flat or cube shaped coals.  Titanium has become one of the best known coconut coals on the market and have a great reputation for quality and consistency.

Coco Urth Coals - All Sizes and Cases

Coco Urth has a 10 Kilogram box in both cubes and flats.  This coal lasts a very long time and we highly recommend this new up and coming brand. We have become hooked on Coco Urth coals because of their seemingly everlasting heat.  They even say 100% organic...so we get the warm and fuzzies just holding these coals in the box!

Coco Brico Coals - All Sizes and Cases

Coco Brico is available in Lounge packs in 10 kilogram and 3 kilogram boxes in both cube and flat coals. This brand has been around the international market for years, but has seen a surge in sales in the US in the last 6 months due to their low price and high quality.

Coco Ultimate Coals - All Sizes and Cases

Coco Ultimate is a very economical coal with a 12 kilogram box of jumbo cubes or a 15 kilogram box of flat coals.  This brand was basically designed for lounge owners because we sell their Lounge packs 5 to 1 to the single boxes. At this price, the dollars and cents point to a smart buy.