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5 Hookah Hoses for Every Hookah Lounge

If you have a hookah lounge then you should definitely check out these hookah hoses...

Hookah lounge hoses need to be light, cheap and disposable or heavy duty, premium and durable for a long life.  Hoses that fall in between these 2 extremes may end up costing you more money than you think you are saving. Here is a quick round up of hookah hoses we recommend for any and every hookah lounge.

Al Fakher Disposable Hoses

Al Fakher disposable hookah hose shown with packagingAl Fakher disposable hookah hose shown with packaging

In the Post-Covid era of germ hyper-awareness, many customers will only feel comfortable using a community hookah if they get a fresh, new hose with their session. That only works when you are able to build the cost into the price of the hookah, or do a slight upcharge.  With Al Fakher Disposable Hoses so cheap, you can easily build in the cost with each rental…but if you really like making a few extra bucks, doing a few dollar upcharge for the hose that only costs you a few pennies makes good business sense.

Ripper Hoses (and the Ripper family - Galaxy & Gladiator Hoses)

Ripper, Galaxy and Gladiator hookah hosesRipper, Galaxy and Gladiator hookah hoses

This hose has been a top seller since its debut. The thick and sturdy silicone tubing is nearly indestructible and fully washable. Whether you like the simple style of the Ripper Hose, the modern style of the Galaxy Hose, or the large handle grip of the Gladiator Hose, these are very affordable hoses that will last for years and only cost a few bucks. The quality to durability to affordability ratio is perfect for any hookah cafe.

Aluminum D-Hose

Aluminum DHose hookah hose shown with various handle colorsAluminum DHose hookah hose shown with various handle colors

The Aluminum D-Hose from Dream Hookah was one of the very first silicone hoses with a long handle and ergonomic handle grip. When you feel the weight and quality of the materials, you will know it’s a premium item and your customers will too. These hoses come in a variety of colors on the handle and tubing, so you can customize the look to perfectly match your lounge aesthetic.

Smokezilla Hookah Hose + Bazooka Ice Tip Combo

Smokezilla Hose and Bazooka Ice Tip combo shown in various colors with packagingSmokezilla Hose and Bazooka Ice Tip combo shown in various colors with packaging

The Smokezilla Hose and Bazooka Ice Tip package comes with an ice hose cooling attachment. Not only do you get a great, inexpensive silicone hose that is fully washable but you also get a freezable ice attachment that you can use (free or as an upcharge $$) in your lounge. This is a cheaper option than buying the parts separately, so go ahead and grab a few of these in a variety of colors to give your lounge some fun new “Ice Hose” options.

Silicone Hookah Hoses by Vapor  Hookah

MYA Saray Aluminum Handle hookah hoseMYA Saray Aluminum Handle hookah hose

Vapor Hookah makes great hoses or lounges because of their quality materials, modern designs and durability. If you want to bring in Vapor Hookah hoses, we recommend the Atomic Silicone Hose because of its universal appeal and affordable price.  The Atomic hose has an extra long anodized aluminum handle with a matching silicone tubing and metalic finish.  If you need something a bit more agressive, the Vapor Carbon Silicone hose brings the same long handle for comfortable smoking, but also showcases a carbon fiber handle design.  Either of these 2 hoses are great options for lounges that want a premium experience for their customers.  Both hoses are fully washable so you can keep them clean and fresh in your hookah bar!

Hookah Hose Replacement Parts/Hose Upgrades for Shisha Cafes

AO Hookah Hose Tubing

AO Silicone hookah hose tubingAO Silicone hookah hose tubing

Whenever you want to refresh your hoses, there is no need to buy all new handles and brand new complete hoses. You can pick up AO Silicone Hose Tubing as a replacement at half the cost.

AO Hose Handle Replacements

AO Slender hookah hose handle AO Slender hookah hose handle

Even the handles on some hookah hoses can start to show some wear and tear. Or, maybe you have a mix of hoses and just want to make all of the handles match. Either way, you can pick up a few different hookah hose handles to save money and look good doing it. The AO Aluminum Slender Hose Handle is a great economic option, while the Shishaya Carbon Fusion Hose Handle replacement is a premium option for premium lounges

Sheeshaya Carbon Fusion hookah handle with packagingSheeshaya Carbon Fusion hookah handle with packaging

Silicone Hookah Hose Springs

If you wondered why there are springs in the box with your hoses, you are not alone. Many people haven’t seen the anti-kink spring. The spring goes around the hose and sits near the hose to hookah connection.  The weight of the hose can cause some silicone tubing to crease or kink. The spring will act as a support to keep the tubing wide open and the air flowing with ease. Sometimes these springs fall or or go missing, but don’t worry, we have back ups ready to go!