How to Set Up a Hookah

Have you ever opened a box of hookah parts and not known what to do next? We all have at some point. We'll show you how to construct a working hookah from a box of parts in no time...

Hookah Set Up Basics - Building an Egyptian Hookah Out of the Box

Let's go back to basics! We want to go over the parts and pieces that are included with most hookahs, so that you can easily set up your merchandise for display in your store or for use in your lounge.  You may already be a hookah expert, but the perfect execution of fundamentals is what brought Tim Duncan 5 championship rings. He wasn't flashy, but by doing the basics right he dominated his industry for almost 20 years. We want to set you up with the basic knowlege you need to put your Egyptian hookahs together and even give you a few tricks to solve a few common "problems" that often don't need expensive fixes or exchanges, just a little ingenuity.



Step 1:

 Unpack and survey the items to make sure you have everything you need.  In this case:

  • brushes
  • hookah hose
  • glass hookah base
  • hookah tray
  • hookah stem/shaft
  • clay bowl
  • rubber grommets/gaskets

Step 2:

Take the stem and the rubber base grommet and attach it to the bottom of the stem.

Step 3:

Insert the hookah stem into the glass base.  The tightness and fit may vary, but it should be snug and the stem should not easily fall out.

Step 4:

Place the tray over the top of the stem.  It should either rest on a tray plate built into the stem, or snap into place depending on the hookah.

Step 5:

Put the bowl grommet on the top of the hookah stem.

Step 6:

Place the clay bowl over the grommet.  The bowl should fit snuggly on to the top of the hookah stem.

Step 7:

Put the hose grommet on the tip of the hookah hose

Step 8:

Insert the tip of the hose with the grommet into the opening of the hose port.


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