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Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS 2022 Recap

We came. We saw. We conquered. Here's how CHAMPS 2022 was for the Hookah Wholesalers team. 

Hookah Wholesalers AQ Adam in airport with sunglassesHookah Wholesalers AQ Adam in airport with sunglasses

We are back from the CHAMPS Show in Las Vegas!  What an adventure! We headed to the airport full of optimism, and energy, to execute the best show in the history of Hookah Wholesalers…but it didn’t exactly go as planned.

First off, the HW sales team got on the plane and just before take-off, the pilot comes across the intercom and tells everyone to “get off the plane” and to “wait in the terminal” for nearly two hours.

No big deal…Bobby, Ashley, Mark, Andrew and myself got a little extra time to put back a pint of local 512 Brewery IPA, and for some reason, Bobby thought it was a better idea to get a glass of Hennessy and airport sushi. WTF was he thinking? He paid for that later…and so did everyone else on the plane.

When we finally landed, there was a rainbow in the sky which we took as a good omen. 

Rainbow from airport in Las Vegas NevadaRainbow from airport in Las Vegas Nevada

Unfortunately, however, we had missed our entire set-up time on Monday evening. This meant we would be in full blown panic mode Tuesday morning. Sure enough, Tuesday morning rolled around and we had at least 15 boxes of merchandise on the curb outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, and the show was starting in 20 minutes.

However, once we got ourselves through all the chaos and panic, things really came together.  The booth looked better than any show we have ever done.

Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS 2022 booth Las Vegas NevadaHookah Wholesalers CHAMPS 2022 booth Las Vegas Nevada

New Products !?

One of the main goals of the show was to launch new products and get feedback from the attendees. There were two major releases in our booth.

Hookah Wholesalers shisha tobacco charcoalHookah Wholesalers shisha tobacco charcoal

Al Fakher is launching a new line of natural, coconut hookah charcoal.  This is a completely new product, and unrelated to any past Al Fakher charcoal. 

These coals are so new that we had the charcoal ship straight to Las Vegas from Indonesia. We were putting the charcoal in their boxes on Tuesday, with graphics printed straight from a local printer in the USA, the morning of the show right in our booth!

The packaging for these Al Fakher coals has a premium design quality that stood out against the other mainstream brands like CocoNara and Titanium.  We used these coals in our CHAMPS booth hookah lounge the whole week, and based on the feedback we know these are going to be a hit!

In a few short weeks, our first container will arrive with Al Fakher Coconut Charcoal in 1kg and 4kg boxes for retailers, and a jumbo 20Kg lounge pack that hookah bars will love. We will let you know as soon as they arrive, so you can be the first shop in your area to carry the official charcoal from the best selling shisha tobacco on the planet.

Two people standing in front of a hookah wholsaler product boothTwo people standing in front of a hookah wholsaler product booth

We also brought 10 new models of hookahs and dozens of new hookah accessories from a German manufacturer with us. The European hookah market is decades ahead of the USA, and the standards for quality are much higher. Everyone was amazed by the new hookahs with modern, industrial designs.  The HMDs, hoses, bowls, tongs and other accessories really stole the show and we have pre-orders backing up into the aisles.

We expect the new German line of hookah products to hit the soil in Austin, TX in about 8 weeks. Make sure you are ready to pick up the best new offering from Hookah Wholesalers in years!

Moving On :

After the first night, we had to recharge with some serious Korean BBQ from Hobak. Don’t miss the opportunity if you have the chance when you are in Las Vegas.

Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS tradeshow food on a dinner tableHookah Wholesalers CHAMPS tradeshow food on a dinner table

Mark and the Hazam from Othmani rode the new Tesla Loop Tunnel to the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The booth next to our own sold celebrity endorsed cigars and blunt wraps, so we got a free mini concert; Soulja Boy, TI, Migos and a few other acts were right there just a few feet away.

Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS trade show Soulja Boy appearanceHookah Wholesalers CHAMPS trade show Soulja Boy appearance

We had to celebrate the success of the show with a fancy steak dinner and I  had to get the Tomahawk Ribeye with Lobster Mac!

Hookah Wholesalers CHAMPS tradeshow food on a dinner tableHookah Wholesalers CHAMPS tradeshow food on a dinner table

Our crew went to Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den, the Cat Bar, at Resorts World Las Vegas. Mark asked for something fruity and citrus-y with tequila, and the group agreed he got the best drink!

Hookah Wholesalers Hookah Wholesalers

That about wraps it up. We hope you enjoyed this recap of the best CHAMPS Show in Hookah Wholesalers history, and if you were there hopefully you got to take advantage of the insane discounts on our package deals we sold at the show….the prices were so good, I am not allowed to tell you what we sold.  

We hope you come by and see us at the next show!