Hookah Wholesalers Favorite Shisha Flavors for the Summer

Hookah Wholesalers Favorite Shisha Flavors for the Summer

Summer is here! We wanted to share some of our favorite go to flavors we can't stop smoking all summer long!

Ah, summer. It’s a time to relax, catch up with friends, soak up the sun and load up a bowl of shisha to accompany it all. We want to share with you the most popular summer flavors that we not only enjoy ourselves but are some of the favorites of many hookah enthusiasts. These are definitely tried and true so don’t miss out!

Al Fakher Mojito

Hookah Wholesalers Al Fakher shishaHookah Wholesalers Al Fakher shisha

A classic summer drink and a solid shisha flavor from Al Fakher! You know it - sugary sweet lime paired with mint. Al Fakher nails it with this flavor using its signature, classic mint. You can smoke this mojito on its own for a minty lime smoke, or you can mix in any other fruit to make your own mojito creation. You don’t need a straw for this Mojito! Shop Al Fakher Wholesale Shisha here

Starbuzz Passion Fruit

Hookah Wholesalers Starbuzz shishaHookah Wholesalers Starbuzz shisha

Just as refreshing as the fruit itself, Starbuzz Passion Fruit shisha delivers that delicious sweet, fragrant flavor with just the right tartness on the exhale. Beat the heat with this popular choice from Starbuzz - either on its own or by mixing in some of your favorite summer fruits like kiwi, pineapple or citrus! Add some ice to the base of your hookah to kick it up a notch for relaxing yet fresh summer vibes while you take in summer in all of its glory! Shop Starbuzz Wholesale Shisha here

Trifecta TNT

Hookah Wholesalers Trifecta shishaHookah Wholesalers Trifecta shisha

Are you catching a trend here? Citrus is the summer go-to! As one of the most popular flavors from Trifecta, TNT is the perfect blend of grapefruit, mango and mint. It's one of my favorite flavors from Trifecta and as one of their blonde blends it sets well as a unique, yet tasteful choices for those citrus lovers. No need to kick this up as a mix, Trifecta TNT is all good on its own! Shop Trifecta Wholesale Shisha here

Social Smoke Watermelon Chill

Hookah Wholesalers Social Smoke shishaHookah Wholesalers Social Smoke shisha

What is more refreshing in the summer than a slice of watermelon? This is exactly that. Social Smoke Watermelon Chill delivers that sweet, sweet watermelon and adds mint for a fresh, cooling smoke perfect for any temperature. This is definitely a year-round flavor choice but it hits all the buttons for summer! Shop Social Smoke Wholesale Shisha here

Al Waha Mango Lemonade

Hookah Wholesalers Al Waha shishaHookah Wholesalers Al Waha shisha

Admittedly this is kind of a year around flavor for me but it holds a special place during the hot Texas summer months. The subtle mango gives you the sweet notes to balance out the sour lemonade flavor. The first thing you will notice is the cooling effect in Al Waha Mango Lemonade. Yes! Al Waha managed to give you a smoke that will taste like a nice, iced glass of mango lemonade while you sit on your front porch. We recommend this flavor on its own, but we find Al Waha Mango Lemonade can mix with almost any sweet flavor to take it to yet another level! Shop Al Waha Wholesale Shisha here.

Fumari Caribbean Colada

Hookah Wholesalers Fumari shishaHookah Wholesalers Fumari shisha

For many folks the true peak of the summer season is hanging out around the beach, or around the pool, sipping a pina colada. When Fumari released Caribbean Colada it transported us to the Flavortown coast, and we've spent quite a bit of time there each summer with this flavor. Sweet, natural pineapple greets you on the inhale with creamy, unique coconut you'll be wanting to chase over and over. So throw on those banana hammocks and load a fresh bowl of Fumari Caribbean Colada! Shop Fumari Wholesale Shisha here.

Have you tried any of our summer favorites? Let us know what your go to summer flavor is!