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International Shipping & Tobacco Taxes

Do you need to pay U.S. taxes if you're an international customer? We broke down this commonly asked question for you...

We get a lot of questions from our new international customers about the tobacco taxes they see on our website during check out. What are these taxes and do you have to pay them? These are great questions, and I hope to answer them here.

When new international customers create their account using a domestic USA shipping address, your account will automatically be taxed based on the state in your shipping address. The good news is that most customers located outside of the United States do not have to pay the state excise taxes on tobacco products. If the product is leaving the USA before it is resold, we can probably delete the taxes.

Why Do I See Taxes on My Shisha Tobacco?

In the United States, each of the 50 states have a different tobacco tax rate that can range from 10% to 125% of the price of the product. These taxes are based on the price or weight of the shisha tobacco products. However, these taxes only apply to tobacco products sold in businesses located in the USA.

If you are using a logistics company or private party to re-ship your products to your international destination, you need to contact the Hookah Wholesalers team to update your account.

We can not remove the taxes from your order until we know your shipping address in the USA.

How to Remove U.S. State Taxes on Your International Shipment in Advance

Step 1:

Update the addresses in your account with accurate information. The most common mistake when new international accounts are registered is using the domestic logistics company address as the billing address.

Screen grab of how to manage your addresses on your acccount at Hookah WholesalersScreen grab of how to manage your addresses on your acccount at Hookah Wholesalers

When we see the international address in Japan, Mexico, Peru, South Korea, Canada, or any other country, even some overseas U.S. territories, then we know that your account will probably be tax exempt.

Step 2:

Contact our Hookah Wholesalers team and let them know you want to order using a re-shipper or logistics company located in the USA. When we have the domestic address, we can update the tax exemption for that state. For example, if you tell us your re-shipper is in Miami, FLORIDA, then we know to exempt the FLORIDA tobacco taxes on your account.

If you later on decide to use a different re-shipper located in a different state, we will have to update your account again to remove the taxes. If you keep us informed ahead of time, this will all be very smooth and easy!

Step 3:

Place your order without the unnecessary tobacco taxes and save the extra money to buy a really nice hookah on your next order!

If There Are Taxes on My Order, Can I Still Check Out?...YES!

If you want to place an order but there are taxes still displaying, please go ahead and complete the checkout process. Our website has an option to complete the order without payment. You will not be charged nor will you have to pay the taxes on your order. Once the order is placed, please contact the Hookah Wholesalers team using Let us know you placed an order for your international business and we can remove the taxes and send you an updated invoice with the new adjusted price. When the order is approved we can send you a few options on how to make the payment and have the order shipped.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes When My Order Arrives in My Country? 

Yes. However, there is a chance that the customs office in your country does not catch it and you can get an order without the import taxes, duties and customs fees. However, we find it’s best to know, understand and follow the laws when it comes to importing tobacco products before placing an order.

There are too many countries and rule changes too frequently for our team to keep up with the rates. You are responsible for knowing the taxes in your country and should be prepared to pay the taxes when the order arrives.

Orders that are refused, seized or destroyed due to import taxes or shipping a prohibited product will not be refunded, exchanged, or credited. Please follow the laws in your country and obtain the appropriate licenses, permits and credentials to receive the products you order.