How to Load or Pack Tangiers Hookah Shisha Tobacco

How to Load or Pack Tangiers Hookah Shisha Tobacco



Tangiers Hookah Tobacco is a dark leaf shisha featuring an array of unique flavors and stronger tobacco notes.  Tangiers has one of the biggest followings in the Hookah world and is known to many as the best of the best. The fine cut dark leaves and overall way it is produced means packing or loading a bowl can be a bit more tricky.  It may sound a bit daunting at first, but don't worry, we are here to help you through it, and once you get it down, you'll be packing perfect bowls in no time! 

Before we get started, let's make sure you have the right equipment for the job.  Tangiers preforms best in a Funnel, or Phunnel bowl as some people call it, here are a few that will work great:

Swift Hookah Bowl

HJ 80 Feet 80 Bowl

HJ Alien Phunnel

Gambit Hookah Bowl

Tangiers Phunnel Bowl

We also recommend using a Shisha Fork and a Fumari Foil Puncher as these will make loading Tangiers much easier and less messy. 

Now that you have the right tools, let's get started! 

Step 1: Using your shisha fork, Mix the tobacco and juice evenly in a container, as the juice will generally sink down to the bottom of the container.  Once you've done that, we are ready to get started with the packing. 

Step 2: Start piling the shisha into the bowl, make sure to use the fork to press it dense against the bottom, and walls of the bowl. Keep filling it up and pressing it down until the shisha is dense packed right below the rim and spire and as even as possible. 

Step 3: It may seem like overkill, but trust us, this is important. Using your palm, a piece of foil, or you can even just use your thumb. Press down on the bowl so the tobacco is evenly level and dense. 

Step 4: Now that the Tangiers shisha is dense packed even with the spire, right below the rim, it's time to add the foil on there. I recommend using 2 layers of regular or Heavy Duty foil. Using 2 layers will give you a bit more of a heat buffer as Tangiers can be a bit sensitive. I also find personally that using 2 layers of foil helps get it drum tight which is also important, so your coals don't sink in your foil and scorch the shisha. 

Step 5: Once you get your foil on there tight, it's time to poke holes. There isn't an exact number, but you will want to make a good amount of holes evenly around the bowl.  Make sure when poking your holes to push all the way through to the bottom of the bowl to help give your shisha proper airflow. 

Step 6: Now it's time to fire this up and see how we did. Set your coals on the bowl, you want to go slow with the heat to start, and let the shisha gradually heat up. Putting too much coal on too fast can scorch the bowl and ruin your session before it starts. I like to start with 2 CocoBrico Coconut Cube coals on opposite sides of the bowl. 

Now you should be enjoying the rich flavor, smooth clouds, and relaxing buzz from your Tangiers.  Everyone has their own spin when it comes to loading bowls, so you will find what works best and consistent for you, but I hope this little guide gives you a good launching point into the world of Tangiers!