Hookah with molasses catcher

How to Use a Molasses Catcher...and Why

Discover what molasses catchers do and how to use them...

First Off...What is a Molasses Catcher?

Smokezilla Minya hookah with molasses catcherSmokezilla Minya hookah with molasses catcher

A molasses catcher is a hookah accessory that keeps your hookah cleaner and your flavors more pure. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. The molasses catcher allows the smoke and vapor, which is loaded with molasses droplets, to pass through the stem while trapping the shisha molasses. Not only will it catch the molasses from your smoke, but a molasses catcher will also act as a barrier for the molasses that may drip down into your hookah stem from the shisha inside the bowl as it heats up. This keeps your hookah stem and base water cleaner, and a molasses catcher will also help prevent 'harsh' smoke by preventing a hookah stem filled with dripping molasses. 

How Does a Molasses Catcher Work?

Various types of molasses catchersVarious types of molasses catchers

As the hookah smoke moves through the device, the vaporized molasses will condensate on the outer walls and drip down to the bottom. An air tube is elevated into the center of the molasses catcher air chamber that then pulls the smoke down through the hookah, while the juices stay trapped in the molasses catcher. After each session or depending on your situation, perhaps multiple sessions, you can remove the molasses catcher and wash out the accumulated liquid.

For those hookah bowls with holes located in the bottom, shisha that is extra juicy may leak down into the stem. This can not only cause the smoke to become harsh tasting but it also makes for a messy stem to clean up later. Have no fear! A molasses catcher takes care of this as well, catching any of that molasses that may drip down through your bowl.

Why Use a Molasses Catcher?

This handy accessory will keep your hookah stem and base water much cleaner, and the smoke that passes through your hookah will produce a cleaner flavor.  If  you are in a busy hookah lounge or hookah event catering scenario where changing the base water between sessions is hard to do, the molasses catcher is a must. Your water will stay crystal clear from session to session, so even if you can’t fully refresh the hookah, the appearance will not look dirty.  Then, after a long night of serving hookahs the clean up on your rental fleet will be easier than ever before.

Will a Molasses Catcher Fit on My Hookah?

Smokezilla Minya hookah with molasses catcher and without molasses catcherSmokezilla Minya hookah with molasses catcher and without molasses catcher

Yes, they are made with a variety of styles that can connect to virtually any hookah.  Some hookahs are built with a molasses catcher as part of the stem. In these hookahs, the molasses catcher is usually an optional component that can be used or removed depending on the user's mood.

AO hookah molasses catcher in variety of colorsAO hookah molasses catcher in variety of colors

Other molasses catchers are designed to fit on the bowl stem, so they can be added to virtually any hookah. The AO Stainless Steel Molasses Catcher goes with any hookah between the stem and the bowl in this way.  The AO Molasses Catcher has multiple metallic finishes and since it’s made with stainless steel, you can feel the weight and quality of the device. I am using one right now!