Patio Season Rev's Up Hookah Revenue

Patio season is here.  The weather is great.  The sun shines later, and people are going o...

Patio season is here.  The weather is great.  The sun shines later, and people are going out more often and spending more money.  In addition to your regular traffic, a deluge of new college students are anxious to get out and socialize with friends in the great weather this time of year. This can be the most profitable time of the year for hookah lounges.  Whether you have a few tables outside your front door or an large patio in the back, anyone who rents hookahs needs to set up in the greatoutdoors.








5 Reasons to Grow Your Hookah Revenue with an Outdoor Hookah Smoking Section


1. Smoking outdoors is amazing advertising for your business. Think how many heads will turn when they see your customers puffing on beautiful hookahs and blowing out huge plumes of smoke. Your customers become a living billboard, showing the public how much they enjoy hookahs!

2. Hookah smokers love to be seen in the act. They love to watch their own clouds. They like to watch their friends blow smoke rings.  It's a visual status update in real time for everyone in the lounge, and its great social media material for your customers to post too!

3. Smoking patio areas are often excluded from smoking bans. If your business has been affected by indoor smoking laws, this is the perfect work around. Even if you don't regularly serve hookahs at your bar or lounge, this season is a great time to add a few hundred dollars a day to your bottom line.

4. Setting up an outside smoking area will increase the number of tables and chairs in your store, thus increasing your potential earnings. You can rent more hookahs, and sell more food and drinks too.  More customers, more hookahs, more money!  

5. Everyone loves smoking under the stars! Night time hookah specials and dressed up patios with extra twinkling lights can give your outdoor space the environment that attracts lots of late night summer shisha smokers. Remember that successful hookah bars are all about the atmosphere.  Anyone can smoke at home, but they pay up at hookah lounges that offer that extra ambiance.

What is your experience with smoking outside? How has it helped your business?

Here are a few things you will need for smoking outdoors:

Hookah Wind Covers



Hookah Wind Covers

You will want to have a wind cover for every hookah on the patio (and we recommend them for hookahs inside too.) to extend the live of your hookah charcoal and trap more heat by your hookah tobacco.  This will save you big money on hookah charcoals in the long run and your customers will get a better smoking session. This is not something you "try and see."  Trust us, you need them and it will save you time and money.

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Hookah Wind Covers


Hookah Charcoal Basket and Tongs

The logistics get more complex when trasporting your coals outside.  Make sure you have the right gear to get your hookah charcoal delivered safely. If you have not already, invest a few bucks into these essentials. It will save you lots of time, money, and anguish of trying to survive without them.


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See Metal Hookah Tongs     





Hookah Wind Covers


Silkon Hookah Bowls 

Since your hookahs will be outside, you might want to protect your hookah investments. The Silikon Bowl is made with laboratory grade        silicone, so it will not melt.  Best of all it won't break if it falls. Check out the video, that shows you everything you need to know about Silikon Bowls