How To Make The Most Of Your Retail Space

We've compiled some suggestions that will help you stock a lot of products, without needing a huge space to display them...

Any retailer wants to pack as much into their store as possible, but at the same time you have to make sure that everything looks nice and organized. We've compiled some suggestions that will help you stock a lot of products, without needing a huge space to display them. Obviously, the best way to maximize your space is to go vertical. Slat wall is a great investment, allowing you to easily install hooks or shelves. Following are a number of suggestions, many of which will cost you next to nothing to implement. We hope they help!


Shisha Displays


Many shisha varieties come in cans. Instead of stacking duplicates, take the shisha out of the can and make a "sculpture" out of it. The cans are light and can be easily glued into all sorts of shapes. Once glued together, they are easy to move to different locations, and will be lightweight because they contain no shisha. Put your backstock into a cool place for storage, and let your customers know that you do this to keep your product fresh. Obviously, this method will work with boxes, tubs and jars of hookah tobacco, as well. 

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E-Cig Displays


We sell e-hookahs bundled with a manufacturer designed display case, like the Fantasia E-Hookah Display Package. This package comes bundled with a number of cases of disposable e-hookahs. Display stands let you feature many flavors (the Fantasia display comes with disposable mouth tips so that customers can try the flavors before purchasing) while keeping the majority of your supply in storage, where it is not eating up valuable retail floor space. 

Most e-hookahs come in a box that opens up into a mini display case. If space is really tight, mix and match flavors in one of these boxes and keep the rest in back. This is a great method for displaying lots of flavors on a countertop; by the register is a great spot for impulse shoppers. 

Many refillable e-cig kits come in blister packs which are designed to hang on slat wall pegs. 


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Hookah Hose Displays

Many hookah hoses, like Nammor and Mya, come in plastic bags with a cardstock sealer. If you punch the card with a hole-punch, they can easily be stacked on a slat wall peg. For facier hoses, a clothes rack with hangers will work. Installing a curtain rod is an easy way to display a lot of hoses in a small space, and it will let your customers feel upgrade materials, like velvet. As usual, if you don't have a lot of space, display one and keep the duplicates in storage

Another option is to use an employee as a display stand. Just kidding. 


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Displaying Your Hookahs

Hookahs are going to be your biggest and most valuable item that you need to display. An inexpensive and efficient way to show your wears, without using hardly any space, is a photo album. Most images on the web (and our website) can be easily copied onto your computer. Using a company like Costco or Walgreens, you can upload these images and have photos printed for about 13 cents each, allowing you to catalog your entire hookah stock without having to have it all out on display. Simply put these photos in an album and now your customer can easily browse all your hookahs.

A model like the Mya QT Hookah has seven base color options, but you only need to have one color on display to let your customer see the overall quality and design of the hookah. If you have more space, many hookahs come in boxes that can be stacked, allowing you to display that you have many options avaialable, without having to have all your items physically unpacked. 

Tall hookahs, like KM hookahs and Nammor hookahs, should be featured in special areas. Even though smaller hookahs are probably your best sellers, the big fancy ones will create excitement and get your customers more pumped to buy any hookah.

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