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The Top 10 Flavors from Mazaya Shisha

Find out which flavors from Mazaya are the best to have on hand for your business. ...

Mazaya shisha is one of the more well known shisha brands available on the market today. Produced and blended in Jordan, Mazaya offers a wealth of traditional flavors, mixed blends, and special Iced flavors. Mazaya shisha is a beautiful, golden leaf tobacco with a great cut making it easy to pack for any level of hookah experience. Robust flavors with a smooth draw and mega clouds make Mazaya the perfect option for beginner hookah smokers and flavor chasing hookah enthusiasts.

Available in 50g boxes, 250g jars, and 1000g (1kg) tubs, there is a size for all hookah businesses and customers. If you're not sure where to start, you can follow along with this best sellers guide to ensure you've got the right mix for your customers.

Lemon Mint

Mazaya Lemon MintMazaya Lemon Mint

Mazaya Lemon Mint has been a favorite since the brand first launched and continues to live in many hookah smokers flavor rotation today. Zesty lemon notes with a good amount of sweetness rounded out with a clean mint inhale.

Double Apple

Mazaya Double AppleMazaya Double Apple

Mazaya smokers like the classics and there's not many flavors that fit that more than double apple. Mazaya Double Apple has that nice anise tone with the perfect amount of sweetness we all enjoy.

Double Apple Bahraini

Mazaya Double Apple BahrainiMazaya Double Apple Bahraini

With some similarities to the regular Double Apple, Mazaya Bahraini Double Apple offers that traditional flavor with a sweeter finish and less forward anise notes. For customers that enjoy Double Apple but prefer sweet apple notes over in-your-face anise, Bahraini Double Apple is a winner.

Gum With Mint

Mazaya Gum With MintMazaya Gum With Mint

Another classic on our list, Mazaya Gum with Mint is one of the best renditions out there. Cool spearmint blends perfectly with the refreshing, sweeter mint notes to make Mazaya Gum with Mint a versatile mixer and even a great flavor on its own.


Mazaya MintMazaya Mint

Mazaya's rendition of the traditional mint is a solid one. Mazaya Mint is bursting with fresh mint flavor that will leave you going back for another puff after every exhale. An essential flavor with Mazaya, your customers will be looking for that Mazaya Mint on your shelves.

Orange With Mint

Mazaya Orange With MintMazaya Orange With Mint

Mazaya Orange with Mint is a brilliant blend of their sweet orange with slight zesty notes and flavorful, fresh mint. Mild cooling allows the sweet orange to really come through with every rip.

Gum With Cinnamon

Mazaya Gum With CinnamonMazaya Gum With Cinnamon

Gum with Cinnamon from Mazaya checks all the boxes for a solo flavor or optimal mixing flavor. Cool spearmint gum notes at the front with a tingly cinnamon finish. Simple and delicious, Mazaya Gum with Cinnamon is a flavor you want to have at your retail store.

Ruby Crush

Mazaya Ruby CrushMazaya Ruby Crush

Mazaya Ruby Crush is unique to the brand and one your customers know and love. It's a one of a kind blend that bursts with ripe raspberry tones and a slightly candied finish. This sweet flavor is going to be heavily in the rotation of customers looking for something fresh and delicious.

Iced Lemon With Mint

Mazaya Iced Lemon With MintMazaya Iced Lemon With Mint

Similar to the regular Lemon Mint, Iced Lemon with Mint takes it to another level. A cold burst of icy mint greets you on the inhale which is quickly joined by the tart and sweet lemon. Mazaya Iced Lemon with Mint is perfect for hookah enjoyers chasing that freeze in their smoke.

Iced Mint

Mazaya Iced Mint shishaMazaya Iced Mint shisha

Regular mint not cold enough for you? Mazaya Iced Mint might do the trick. Combining the fresh mint flavor notes with another level of icy cold smoke, this mint will satisfy all hookah smokers not getting enough chill in their hookah.