Meet Your Hookah Wholesalers Team

Meet Your Hookah Wholesalers Team

Get to know the team that ensures your experience with Hookah Wholesalers is top notch! ...

Whether you’ve been with us over the last few decades or if you’re just signing up for an account with us for the first time, the team here at Hookah Wholesalers has a long history and expansive knowledge of anything hookah related. Many of our team members here have been around for several years and have a passion for all things hookah. If you’re wondering about who answers your emails, chats and those you speak with on the phone here is some background on the people who genuinely care about making sure your lounge or retail space is taken care of. 

Hookah Wholesalers team Hookah Wholesalers team

Adam Q: "AQ" (The "OG" Adam)

“I started selling hookahs back in 2006 and have been here at Hookah Wholesalers ever since. I once owned Redline Hookah Lounge in Austin, Texas from 2008 - 2012. The hookah on my desk right now is a Pharaohs Azra stem with a custom, green swirl glass base, a Galaxy Silicone hose and new AO HMD from Germany. If I don’t have a bowl of Trifecta TNT or Othmani Izmir Melon going, I am probably checking on my chicken coop for eggs, shooting hoops at the YMCA or chasing my kids around. My favorite part of the hookah business world is hearing from our customers and helping their businesses grow and evolve over the years.”

Mixon: "The Other Adam"

"I started at Hookah Wholesalers in June of 2012 and have become the go-to for all things international business. I prefer modern style hookahs and savory shisha flavors. Two of my favorites are Othmani Turkish Coffee and then the ever classic Fumari Spiced Chai. The thing I love most about my job are the wonderful people on my team and speaking with people all over the world daily."

Mark: Your Fun-Facts Guy

“I started going to hookah lounges in college and really loved the social aspect of the whole thing. It was a great group activity for me and all of my friends. I also play disc golf, enjoy watching sports, eating good food, cooking, and streaming/playing video games. I have been with Hookah Wholesalers since 2013, and I have smoked more flavors than I can remember. Definitely hit me up if you want some flavor recommendations. I love floral, fruity, and citrus flavors but will always try something new. You can usually catch me with Al Fakher Lemon and Rose on hand at all times.”

Bobby aka "Senor Taco"

“I fell in love with hookah in 2005 at a local lounge in my area. I’ve seen the industry go from a niche, little known hobby to a nationally recognized method of enjoying tobacco. I started with Hookah Wholesalers in 2015 and helped to grow our team from a two person operation to what feels like a gigantic eight person team. My favorite part of working in the hookah industry is the family approach we bring to every aspect of customer service and company culture. If I’m smoking hookah it is usually Trifecta Peppermint Shake with the closest hookah in reach. I’m no hookah snob.”


“I started smoking hookah back in 2009. Then I started to work for Hookah-Shisha/Hookah Wholesalers in 2013. I’ve always stuck with a classic Khalil Mamoon hookah at my desk and I love Trifecta Pumpkin Somethin. At the end of the day I set up my traditional style KM hookah with my second favorite flavor Love 66 by Adalya and hang out with my fiance and my fur babies; my dog Sammi and my cat Vash. It’s a simple life and I love it. I’ve made forever-friends while working here but when I get home I’m usually watching anime, sit-coms or listening to a true-crime podcast. Fun Fact: I actually met my fiance here; friends for 9 years and together for 6 years. He actually still works here [which saves on gas].

Andrew "Mr. Miami...Ohio"

"I started at Hookah Wholesalers in January 2022. I have been in the industry for a few years before joining this awesome team. This hobby has evolved into more than just a smoking experience. I have gained lifelong friends around a hookah pipe. I’ve also been able to travel around the United States experiencing the culture. It really shows you can make your hobby into a career. My preferred setup at home is a Regal Queen with a bowl of Tangiers Cane Mint."