MYA Citrus Dreams Shisha Flavor Review

MYA Citrus Dreams Shisha Flavor Review

Citrus Dreams MYA Hookah Tobacco We all know and love MYA hookahs, and today we have an exciting new

Citrus Dreams MYA Hookah Tobacco

We all know and love MYA hookahs, and today we have an exciting new product from our friends at MYA! MYA has dropped a whole new line of shisha tobacco, so of course we had to test it out. 

We started out with MYA Citrus Dreams. If you know us, you know we can't get enough of citrus flavors. The shisha comes in a sturdy jar with screw on lid for easy storage and use. The tobacco itself is a juicy blonde leaf, which produces insanely thick clouds and is packed full of flavor! Packing with MYA shisha is incredibly easy. We tried this out with a nice fluff pack in a phunnel bowl and had incredible results. What about the flavor? It’s amazing! MYA Citrus Dreams is listed as a lemon mint on the packaging, but we have a hunch there might be a little orange hidden in there. Regardless, the long lasting bold citrus flavor pairs perfectly with the smooth, cooling mint. It’s like a dance party in your mouth!

Mixology Lab Results

Since we're trying out a new line, we had to run this bad boy through the mixology lab. We tried out Citrus Dreams with more of the flavors from the MYA line, as well as some popular flavors you may already be familiar with. If you're not sure where to go with this new release, we got you covered.

The Drive-In: MYA Citrus Dreams 40% / MYA Good Time Lime 20% / MYA Blueberry Crush 40%

  • This mix reminds me of my favorite slushie from the drive-in. Sweet blueberry, lemon-lime, and a refreshing blast of mint? Perfection. I recommend pairing this mix with an ice base for added cooling effect!

Cactus Crush: MYA Godfather 40% / Fumari Prickly Pear 30% / Social Smoke Pear Chill 30%

  • If an oasis in the desert had a tropical blend, this would be it. Sweet papaya and pears with light citrus and a cool breeze of mint land this mix on the top of my "frequently tried" list. I love pairing this with a mojito after a long day.

Vegas Vacay: MYA Vegas H2O 50% / MYA Paradise Dream 50%

  • As lively as the Vegas strip, this mix offers up sweet strawberries and honey with a blast of passion fruit, pear, and a whisper of mint. This is truly a party in your mouth. Bring on the lights!

MYA Shisha Tobacco is available in the popular 250g size, perfect for smoke shops and lounges alike. Let us know your favorite flavors and mixes with this incredible new line!

Are you looking for MYA Shisha and MYA Hookahs wholesale? MYA Citrus Dreams is available in 250g jars and pairs perfectly with our wide assortment of Mya Saray hookahs!