New Shisha Flavors of 2015 - You're Sending Your Customers Elsewhere Without Them

When shisha producers release a new flavor, they experience a rush a traffic from everyone who wants

When shisha producers release a new flavor, they experience a rush a traffic from everyone who wants to try the latest and greatest.  Your customers are included in this group and if you don't have what they are looking for, you can expect them to buy it somewhere else.  Will they come back to you for the next purchase?...Maybe.  We don't think it's worth the risk.  You are working too hard to build a relationship to risk losing customers over a new flavor.

With so many brands on the market, it's hard to keep up with all the new flavors.  We know that, so we put this 2015 New Flavor list together to make sure your flavor list is up to date.  When you get these new flavors, you have a reason to engage every customer in your shop to ask if they have tried the new flavors.  You will notice a lift to your sales numbers immediately.



New Flavors from Starbuzz Bold

New flavors are available in 50g tins, 100g tins, 250g tins and Kilos.  Click the images to see all size options of Starbuzz Bold.

Starbuzz Bold Peach Ice Tea


Peach Ice Tea is a smooth blend with sweet and tart notes of peach blended with a mild ice tea flavor that mellows out the mix.
Starbuzz Bold Asian Persuasion

Asian Persuasion is a mystery  blend that infuses a dark grape or cherry flavor with hint of floral notes and a dash of ginger...maybe.
Starbuzz Bold Misty Apple


Misty Apple is a solid blend of apples that starts with a tart, green, sour apple flavor but finishes with a sweeter rich red apple tone.  

New Flavors from Starbuzz 

New flavors are available in 50g tins, 100g tins, 200g Tins250g tins and Kilos.  Click the images to see all size options of Starbuzz.


Starbuzz Spicy Red


Spicy Red is blend of spicy cinnamon with a sweet spearmint mix.  This will be a huge hit for the holiday season!

New Flavors from Fumari

New flavors are available in 100g pouches and Kilos.  Click the images to see all size options of Fumari.

Fumari Tangelo


Tangelo is a tart, sweet, and sour blend that mixes their mandarin zest with hints of grapefruit.  Its a kinder, gentler citrus mix.

New Flavors from Al Fakher Special Edition

Al Fakher Special Edition flavors are available in 250 gram Tins. Click the images to see all flavor options of AF Special Edition.  Here are the most recent Top 10 best sellers.

Al Fakher Special Edition

  1. Rich Cream - Just like it sounds, a rich, creamy vanilla almost like an Irish Cream
  2. Seven Wings - A sweet grape flavor with undertones of mint
  3. Paradise - A fruity blend of apricot, grape, strawberry, and lemon
  4. Watermelon Splash - Its like a splash of watermelon...what did you want me to say?
  5. Lovely Cherry - What a lovely cherry blend indeed!
  6. Fun Time - Somewhere between tropical fruit punch and that X on the Beach cocktail.
  7. Mango Madness - It's so mango, we've all gone completely mad!
  8. Hookah Matata - A mix of green apple with hints of spice, pine and mastic.
  9. Sweet Pomegranate - Sweet, tart and pomelicious
  10. Blews - A light, sweet blueberry that has a very familiar, almost "misty" quality.

Al Fakher Special Edition features over 20 new flavors.  Each is special blend and the line has a wide variety flavor categories, from sweet to savory to spicey. There is something here for everyone.


New Celebrity Flavors from Fantasia

New flavors are available in 100g jars, 200g jars and Kilos. Click the images to see all size options of Fantasia.


Fantasia Madzilla

Madzillas Madberry blend hits the spot!



Fantasia Charm Brittian

Charm Brittian's OC Snackoff....just try it!  What are you afraid of?

Fantasia Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger's Cherry keeps you smokin'!

Fantasia Massari

Massari only smokes a Grape Mint Blend.

Fantasia Mally Mall

Mally Mall's favorite Melon blend is old school and new school hookah perferction.