How Do I Place an Order on

There are multiple ways to place orders with Hookah Wholesalers. Let's find the easiest and best way for you and your business...

                  The Best Ways to Submit an Order for Hookah Wholesalers

There are multiple ways to place orders with Hookah Wholesalers! Below we'll discuss those and some recommendations for best ordering practices. 

How to place an online order at 

  • Log in using the email address on your account and your password.   If you forget it, you can reset the password online, or contact us for help logging in.
  • Each product will give you the option of entering a quantity. Below all of the available options you will see the "ADD TO CART" button - this will add the item(s) into your shopping cart.

  • Once you've completed shopping, simply choose to "VIEW CART" in the menu toward the top right of the page to continue with the checkout process.

  • Verify your shipping and billing addresses when placing an order.
  • Make sure you press SUBMIT when you are ready to submit your order.

  • There is no online payment, so don't worry.  We will contact your to set up payment on your account and then keep your billing information on file.                                                  


How to Order by Phone

  • You can help accelerate this process by having a list of items that you would like to order before calling.
  • It is best to have your order organized into categories such as hookahs, shisha, accessories, etc.
  • When ordering shisha, have the items organized by brand and size; have flavorsready in alphabetical order. Not only will this help both parties to place the order faster, but you can also benefit from this sort of organization in your shop/lounge when doing inventory and assisting customers. 

Many of the same recommendations apply for faxed and emailed orders.

  • Separate items into hookahs, shisha, accessories, e-hookahs etc. by brand, size, and in alphabetical order to help speed up the processing time.
  • It is also helpful to log in to the website before submitting the order to check product availability. Any items that are currently out of stock will have a line through it. If an order is submitted with out-of-stock items on it, we will call to confirm what action should be taken before processing -this can result in delays.
  • Most importantly, be very clear in what it is you would like. If color, quantity, brand, size, etc. is not specified we will call to confirm, which can cause delays in processing time.

Here is a great example of how you should organize your orders when faxed in. This is also a good method of organization for you to have ahead of time if you are going to call in.

We're more than happy to help clarify any of this and always available to assist with any order that needs to be placed so PLEASE do not hesitate to give us a call, chat in, or drop us a line via email!